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[ note: if you need a gentle nudge in the non-Duo, 1x / x1 direction,
the fics marked with stars ( ) are my best bets to get you over the hurdle ^__^ ]


Amiko @ Amiko's fanfics
Killing Me Softly
NC-17 1x3 yaoi lemon angst song fic unsappy sap

Kim Gasper @ Infinite Passions
Action and Consequence
NC-17 1x3 yaoi lemon canon angst whoa...
[ note: this fic is the most believable 1x3 I've found... ]

Reverand Maynard @ here ^__^
Lemme See Those Legal Briefs
"Attorney Heero's new intern is pushing him to edge of his sexual limits. Is he losing his mind, or gaining a fowl-mouthed sex fiend?"
NC-17 1x3 yaoi lemon unrepentant smut AU sexy humour ^_~

[ note: winner of Third Place in DaMoyre's Silent Passion Contest! (Second Place Reader's Choice.) ]
NC-15 *snort* 1x3 yaoi lemon song fic silent soldier angst TWT

Snow Tigra
Bright Eyes (2 parts) @ Beautiful Emotions
NC-17 1x3 yaoi lemon song fic canon TWT-ness light angst

Winding Down the Day (prologue + 8 parts) @ Misted Moon
PG-15 1x3x1, deep 2+3+2 yaoi post war-ness growing old (dare I say 'winding down the day'? ^_^) sap eventual death *sigh* happiness of a life made after death and destruction, intertwined with the melancholiness of existence Quat POV

Property of Heero Yuy @ Densetsu (the site is on hiatus, but the fic link still works... *shrug*)
PG-13 1+3 shounen ai light lime fluff post war-ness


Birthday Wish @ ...nowhere, at present... >_<
PG 1+3 shounen ai angst sap

Once in a Lifetime @ SteelSong
NC-17 1x3 yaoi lemon sap song fic

Silence Speaks (ficlet) @ ...nowhere, at present... >_<
PG 1+3 shounen ai Heero POV

>> 1x3x1 fics at gwa
[ babaca ]
NC-17 1x3 yaoi heavy lime post war-ness PWP sap-ness

[ Bonne & Von ]
NC-17 3x1, ref. to 3+4, 1+2 yaoi lemon post war-ness PWP-ness

Mars Reunion
NC-17 3x1, ref. to 5x2 & 4xR yaoi lemon post war-ness unsappy sap

[ Jenny & Kimmie ]
Crazy 'Bout Ya
PG 1+3/3+1 shounen ai post war-ness friendship light lime sap *inevitable sappy grin* song fic

Dead Man
PG-13 1+3/3+1 yaoi light lime post series fluff silliness Zechs-ness *grin*

[ Yoiko ]

Breaking The Silence (ficlet)
PG-15 3x1 yaoi implied lemon unsappy sap

Following Emotions
NC-17 3x1 yaoi lime canon

>> 1x3x1 sites

silent passion


Who Will Cry @ Caer's Scribbles
PG 1+4+1 shounen ai angst Heero POV

Kebzero @ kebzero's notepad
Trails Less Travelled
[ note: winner of 2nd place in the alternate pairings category of the Jubilee Summer Contest '03 ]
NC-17 4x1 (yeah, baby!) yaoi lemon post war-ness humour Dorothy antics *chuckle* nice Relena

Space Pirate Ryoko @ Ryoko's Fanfiction Sanctuary
Shades of Light
NC-17 eventual 1x4x1; past 1x3x1 & 4+3/3+4 yaoi glossy lemon angst Quatre POV death fic-ish perfection, I swear...

Yuri @ Scromping and Other Adventures
Words From the Heart (7 chapters)
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
NC-17 1x2x1, heavy 2+4+2; ref. to past 4x3 and present 3x5x3; eventual 1x4x1; and a few others, but I don't wanna give it away... yaoi lemon AU-ness, with gundams angst or, as the notes to the fic state so eloquently, "ANGST, ANGST, ANGST" heh... grieving eventual OOC happy ending (>_< --> funny face made not cuz it's happy, but cuz of the type of happiness)

>> 1x4x1 fics at gwa

[ Bonne & Von ]

Dreaming in the Moment
MC-17 1x4; ref. to 3+4+3 & 3x1 yaoi lemon soulful PWP

>> 1x4x1 sites

Gundams 'N Roses


Amiko @ Amiko's fanfics
With You
"Heero is hurt during a mission and Wufei descends to nurse him back to health. That was probably a stupid idea, since now Wufei's muffled feelings for the 'perfect soldier' are coming to the surface..."
NC-17 1x5, ref. to past 5+M yaoi lemon TWT angst-ness

Equilibrium @ ... here! ^_^
"Heero and Wufei must find a way to reach an equilibrium between friendship, respect and love."
NC-17 established 1x2x1; 5+2, 2+5, 5+1, 1+5 all leading up to 1x2x5 (whoo hoo!! *ahem*)
yaoi lime angst-ness romance TWT

Hogwarts Strawberries (incomplete) @ SweetlySour.net
PG-13 1+5, 5+1 yaoi lime (so far...) AU --> Harry Potter fusion *shudder*

Walking the Tightrope (sequel to Equilibrium) @ ... here! ^_^
"The boys are now together. Doesn't mean Heero 'n' Wufei are cool about each other yet... "
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Epilogue
NC-17 1x2x5x2x1, with emphasis on the 1x5x1 side of the relationship yaoi lime / eventual lemon getting accustomed to you-ness sap TWT

Celina Fairy
Circle Arc (3 parts) @... wherever this is...
NC-17 1x5 yaoi lemon soldier angst TWT

Rain Adventures @ In Love With Strawberries (I can't get her site to work *shrug* so this is linked to her post in the gwa forum)
PG-13 1x5x1 yaoi lime post war-ness fluff-y humour *sappy grin*

DragonMage @ Dragon Love
Stolen Love (13 parts + epilogue)
NC-17 1x5x1, flirty yet platonic 2+5+2, unreciprocated R+1, OMCx5 yaoi lemon AU light angst light sap action sure, it's almost a romance novel rip-off, but it's also the first of the type I've read that didn't make one of the 2 men... girly... which reminds me *snort* --> crossdressing

Flamika @ ...here ^_^
When Walls Come Tumbling Down
NC-17 5x1 yaoi lemon angst post EW

Maldoror @ ...here ^_^
The Arrangement
Part I: The War Days
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7
Part II: Wu Tao
Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13
Part III: The Edge
Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31 Chapter 32 Chapter 33 Chapter 34 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Chapter 37 Chapter 38 Chapter 39 Epilogue, Part 1
Epilogue, Part II
"Wufei, struggling with his demons, agrees to a wartime fling with Heero, no affection needed or wanted. But the 'arrangement' lasts and grows as they join the preventers. It could become a source of strength for both... if they let it."
NC-17 1x5 yaoi heavy lime / eventual lemon *pant* TWT & (eventual) post war-ness
(no EW) Wu POV not a romance spoiler warning for Part II Wu angst galore

Flayed Horses
PG-13 1x5 yaoi (implied?) post war-ness angst *whimper*

Watching You
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
NC-17 1x5, waaaaay background 3x2 yaoi lime / eventual lemon post war Preventer-ness humour ...any more would give it all away. can't have that, now can we? ^_~
[ note: not only was chap 1 of this dedicated to me, but chaps 2&3 of this were written expressly for me cuz I'm so wonderful... and pushy *cough* in a sweet way, in a sweet way! ]

Sailor Seraphim @ SweetlySour.net
PG 1+5+1; implied 2x3x4 shounen ai lime angst-y sap


Effortless @ ...here ^_^
NC-17 1x5 yaoi lemon unsappy sap

Taken @ Welcome to Sin
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
NC-17 1x5 yaoi violent, but not NCS, lemon a thinking man's PWP

Vuli @ The Ventilation Shaft
Blues Away
PG 1+5 shounen ai light lime Wu & Heero angst TWT

Guess I'm Into Feeling (sequel to above)
PG-13 1+5/5+1, background 2+4+2 yaoi heavy lime *ahem* more with the Wu & Heero angst ^_^ TWT

Wind Chijmes @ Wind Chijmes Pavilion
[ note: now this chickie can write a 1x5x1... ]
NC-17 5x1, ref. to 3x4 yaoi heavy lime angst

Forces At Work (sequel-ness to above)
NC-17 1x5, ref. to 3x4 and 2+H? yaoi lemon preventer-ness light angst

Kiss of the Moon
"The moon plays witness to the coupling of two boys who could not leave - and could not stop using - each other."
NC-17 1x5, 1+2 yaoi lemon BDSM quasi-NCS angst!!

Loving The Nights
"Amidst the nights and rain, two lonely souls meet and spark off an urban fairy-tale."
PG-13 1x5 yaoi light lime AU angst-ness

>> 1x5x1 fics at gwa

[ Ariana and Bianca ]

You Don't Bring Me Flowers
PG-15 1+5/5+1 post war-ness ummm... Ariana and Bianca-ness (don't look at me like that. this should be a legal label, I swear. ^_~ )

[ babaca ]

Working Out The Details
NC-17 5x1, ref. to past 1x2 & ?x5 yaoi lemon light BDSM

[ Bonne & Von ]

The Frozen Colony
NC-17 5x1 yaoi lemon canon TWT-ness angst 'I'm still alive' sap ^_~

[ CleverYoungThief ]

A Football Thing

PG-15 yaoi 1+5+1 lime fluff humour

[ hyuy ]

Snow Blind
PG-15 5x1, ref. to 2x1? yaoi lime angst

[ Talya Firedancer ]

NC-17 5+1, 5+2, implied 1x2, 1x5, implied 1x2x5 yaoi lemon TW


Caroline @ ... here ^_^
PG-15 mystery pairing (though not anymore... ^_^) yaoi light lime sap-ness post war-ness

Seize This Kiss (ficlet) @ lj
PG-13 1x6x1 yaoi lime post-war-ness

Kashu Arashi @ Tsuki no Kage
Slowly Bleeding
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
NC-17 6x1; ref. to 4xOFC, 2+H (*grimace*), hazy 1+2; past 6+9 & 2+1... there might be a few more that I'm forgetting, but everything besides the main pairing is very slight yaoi lemon post war-ness angst nice Relena Heero POV finding peace

Xero Sky @ ... here ^_^
"Post EW, an obsessive Heero finally claims his prize."
NC-17 1x6 yaoi lemon post EW bloodplay BDSM "Questionable non-con" angst language Heero POV "Complete lack of Duo Maxwell"

>> 1x6x1 fics at gwa

[ Jay ]

The Chemicals Between Us
NC-17 6x1 yaoi lemony lime AU shota con drama-ness Zechs POV

[ Kumiko ]
Strange Meeting
PG 1+6 shounen ai canon angst