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>> 2x3x2 already archived on this site...

Such A Simple Thing
NC-17 3x2 yaoi sap Trowa POV song fic

That Night In The Rain (sequel to above)
NC-17 3x2 yaoi angst sap mention of past NCS Duo POV song fic


Screams From The Peanut Butter Jar
PG-13 2+3+2 shounen ai bit o' lime angst sap


Dreams of Yellowed Bone
NC-17 2x3, ref.s to 3+4 & 1x2 yaoi lemon "weirdness" TWT PWP-ness killer second to last paragraph...

Batter My Heart
NC-17 2x3 yaoi lime / implied lemon Trowa POV TWT barren-ness written for one of my wild plot bunnies

The Manwell
Shinigami Sleeps
"A.C. 198: Trowa's instincts are telling him that something is VERY wrong with Duo. And even though he barely knows the former Deathscythe pilot, he's determined to at least confirm that Duo is all right. His inquiries, however, only fuel his belief that Duo needs help. Trowa leaves his home in order to find Duo and help him. No matter the cost."
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 (Epilogue)
PG 3+2 shounen ai light lime post EW angst

Back of My Heart (3 parts)
NC-17 unrequited 2+4; 2x3; ref. to 6x9 & past (also unrequited) 3+4 yaoi lemon post war-ness written for moi *grin*

Reverand Maynard
The Best Thing
PG 3x2, 1x4 shounen ai sap

NC-17 2x3 yaoi sexual innuendo language

Sexual Healing
NC-17 2x3 yaoi lemon AU WDNNSP *growl* *twice*


TB and Marsh
Code of Silence
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12
R 2x3x2; unrequited 1+2, background 4+R, hinted 1+5 yaoi citrus post EW preventer-ness drama not a bit of sap, romance or fluff (hallelujah, lord be praised... ^_~)

trixie (there are a few more of trixie's 2x3x2 fics off-site, as well *points below*)
"Duo reflects on the path of his desire, and life."
PG-15 3x2, ref. to past 1x2 yaoi implied lemon-ness S/M written on my request cuz I'm so lovely and talented ^_~

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Epilogue
NC-17 2x3/3x2 (main), 1x2 "(tho it's very angsty...)", 4xOFC, ref. to past 3+4+3, present 4+3
yaoi heavy lime / eventual lemon angst post EW
[ note: this is, in my expert opinion, the quintessential 2x3x2 ]

>> off-site fics

Ashkara @ Ashkara's Fanfiction Vault
The Saint (prologue + 16 parts + epilogue)
NC-17 3x2 (main), 3x4, 5xS, 1x4 yaoi lemon AU eveil Treize "intrigue, espoinage"

(TB-W/DM) Say It Again
NC-17 3x2; ref. to established 3x4 and 2x1 yaoi lemon Sabintha story, so Duo and Tro are really 'together', per se...

Saying Thank You
NC-17 3x2 yaoi lemon angst-ness sap-ness

Aspen @ Paper Moon
Quick Fix
NC-17 3x2 yaoi lemon post EW PWP bit o' kink

Avarice @ Shibbalicious
the Appearance series
Godliness Is Next To Cleanliness
PG light 2+3 fluff Duo POV

Open All Hours
PG light 2+3 fluff Duo POV

Armchair Psychology
PG light 2+3+2 deep fluff *smile* Duo POV post EW

Banshi @ ff.net
Urchin (19 parts + epilogue)
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more ]
PG-13 2+3, 3+2, vaguely implied 1xR yaoi post EW Duo angst Trowa confusion bad men dirtying Duo's good name action L2-ness urchins ^_~

Elf Asato @ ff.net
And Then He Smiled
PG-15 2x3 yaoi death angst sad sap-ness Duo POV

Starry Night
PG-13 3x2 yaoi light lime Tro POV sap

Iliyana @ ff.net
"When life gets too difficult, Trowa goes driving. One day, he picks up a beautiful young man, who is strange in more than one way..."
PG-15 3x2; refs. to platonic 2+4+2 and past 6x3 yaoi lime AU death fic, of a sort Tro POV

The First Time (ficlet)
"One man asks his lover a question and gets an answer he hadn't hoped for, or had he?"
PG-13 3x2, though I guess you're not sposed to know that 'til the end... heh... shounen ai "vague descriptions of sex" Tro POV sap

Kitty E.
Rules of the Game (2 parts) @ Symphonies and Pop Songs
NC-17 2x3 yaoi lemon PWP tiny bit of BDSM

Miko no da @ Miko no da's Fanfiction Archive
NC-17 3x2 yaoi lemon canon

Stumbling On @ Serendipity
NC-17 3x2, past 3x4x3 yaoi lemon angst post series

s1ncer1ty @ Coming of Age
The Evening Speaks
PG 2+3 light shounen ai a bittersweet moment...

Fill My World
PG-13 2x3 shounen ai post war-ness light angst Duo POV retelling of the 'rain' moment in 'Shattering the Mask' (see below)

Good Clean Fun
NC-17 3x2 yaoi heavy lime *rowr* good clean fun... heh...

Keeping Warm
PG-15 2+3, 3x2 yaoi lemon TWT bit o' angst

Shattering the Mask
PG-13 2x3 shounen ai post war-ness angst hope Tro POV

Sailor Seraphim @ SweetlySour.net
[ note: entrant in the Jubilee Summer Contest '03 ]
NC-17 3x2 yaoi lemon *pant* summer PWP-ness

PG-15 waaaay light 3+2 TWT-ness angst

Tour of Duty (a "101 ways to Snog en route to a colony" fic)
PG-15 3x2 yaoi lime / implied lemon Preventer-ness fluff-ness

Shenlong @ Deb's DragonDragonball Diaries
The Right Bait
NC-17 3x2 yaoi lemon PWP fishing metaphors... post war-ness

Shusu @ Red for Pleasure
NC-17 3x2 yaoi lemon PWP

trixie @ trixie's Anime and Other Fic Page
Prize (ficlet)
PG-13 3+2 yaoi this is as close to fluff as trixie gets...

Respite (not quite a full length fic, but more than a ficlet)
NC-17 3x2 yaoi TWT lemon bloodplay oh-ho-ho my god... *swoon*

Windsor Blue @ Shades and Echoes
Love At First Sight
PG 2+3+2, implied 3x4x3 Quat POV sap

>> 2x3x2 fics at gwa

[ Astrokender ]
Crossed Wires (13 parts)
PG-13 2+3 shounen ai bit o' lime action

[ Babaca ]
Sweet Thing
R 3+1, 4+3, 1+2, 3x2 yaoi lime / implied lemon song fic light angst
mix of Trowa and Duo POV's

[ Bianca & Ariana ]
Pale September (4 parts)
PG 2x3 yaoi song fic angst death fic

PG-13 2+3, 3+2 shounen ai song fic from Trowa's perspective

[ Bonne & Von ]
Promises / Head Over Heels
NC-17 3x2/2x3, ref. to past 2+1, 3+4 yaoi glossy lemon song fic (2 for the price of one) angst post war-ness hope

[ CleverYoungThief ]
Foolish Games
PG-13 2x3, ref. to past 1x2 yaoi light lime post EW Duo POV not exactly angst, but nowhere near happy

[ Erin Cayce ]
NC-17 2+1, 2x3 yaoi ref. to lemon-ness angst!!

Never Simple, Eh?
[ note: best alternate pairing runner-up in the 2002 **a little piece of gundam wing** fanfic
contest ]
PG-15 2+3 yaoi angst!!

[ Hyuy ]
Bad Hair Day
NC-17 2x3, ref. to 3x4 yaoi lemon WDNNSP *growl*

Motel Matches
R 2+3, soul-less 3xOC-ness shounen ai Duo POV angst-ness OOC song-fic

[ Jade ]
Chance Meeting: Take Me at the Ballgame (part of the Chance Meeting series)
NC-17 3x2 yaoi lemon AU PWP

Going Down on the Farm (part of the Bad Porn series)
NC-17 3x2 yaoi lemon AU PWP

Unexpected Results
NC-17 2+1, 3x2, 1x2x3, ref. to 3x4 yaoi lemon PWP TWT

[ Jennie & Kimmie ]
NC-17 3xPB, 3x2 yaoi  lemon squicky PWP... to some *leer*

Pocky Plaything (3 parts)
NC-17 3xPocky, 2x3, 1x2x3 yaoi lemon PWP inventive uses of Pocky ^_~

[ Kwycksylver ]
Just My Luck (6 parts)
NC-17 2+1, 2+3, 3x2 yaoi lemon Duo POV swoon-ness

Love the One You're With
NC-17 3x2, ref. to 1x4 yaoi lemon close to PWP-ness, but not quite ^_^ sap

[ Lasha Lee ]
The Captain And No One
PG 2x3/3x2, ref. to past 1x2 & 3x4 yaoi lime angst sap post war-ness
R 2x3x2 yaoi implied lemons light angst sap
A day at the Mall
R 2x3x2 yaoi implied lemon fluff OOC Duo at a mall, for chrissakes ^_~

[ Lys ap Adin ]
NC-17 2x3 yaoi lemon AU OOC angst death fic

G implied 1x2x3, 2x3 yaoi death fic, in a way angst, in a way
G past 1x2x3, 2+3 shounen ai angst-ness

The Worst Of Pandora's Evils
PG listed as 2x?... am I spoiling it for you? heh...; ref. to past 2+1 & 2+5 shounen ai AU sap

[ Minky ]
PG-13 3+2, past 1+2 shounen ai light angst awwww-ness

[ Tigress Pern ]
Haunted Life (10 parts + epilogue)
PG-13 2+3 shounen ai AU ghost story, in a way...

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