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*ahem* (read 'Don't get mad at me') I think we all know by now that 3x4x3 is not exactly my fav pairing. *ahem again* It's not because I don't like them, either separately or together -- I do. They're both more than droolworthy and are simply perfect together. My problem with 3x4x3's in general is that sometimes they're written as if they're a little too perfect together. At times I have thought I literally might expire from the sugary, sickening sweetness of it all. *grimace* Which explains why I have so few 3x4x3's on my site and why there might seem to be a bare minimum on this list. This is in no way to imply that 3x4x3 is a bad thing (cuz, IMHO, it's a very good thing indeed) or that if a fic isn't on this list it isn't worth reading. These are just my personal favourites, taking into account the fact that I don't get around the 3x4x3 world as much as I should. ^_^

>> 3x4x3 archived on this site...
[ note: none of these pages are linked back here, so to return to this page you'll have to use that handy 'back' button. it won't kill you. ^_^ ]

Honor A. De'Mandoren
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Epilogue
PG-13 3x4, background 2x5 yaoi lime AU --> rl romance "insane grandmothers" and salient children

Isabella Kraft
The Devil Made Me Do It
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you'd like to know more... ]
NC-17 3x4, unrequited 1x4 yaoi lemon (4x3) AU humour *guffaw*

Balancing Act
[ note: winner of best 3x4 in the 2002 **a little piece of gundam wing** fanfic contest ]
PG-15 3+4 yaoi lemony lime canon

Working Things Out (incomplete)
G 3+4+3, 2+1 shounen ai fluff AU

>> off-site fics

Amaranth @ Subtle Hints
NC-17 4+3, 3x4 yaoi glossy lemon angst

Anne Olsen @ Shades and Echoes
[ note: the formatting for on this site is, at times, waaay funny for me. maybe it is for you, too, but do yourself a favour and visit anyways... ]
Lest We Forget (3 parts)
[ note: winner of best 3x4 in oishii 2003 ]
PG-13 3x4, ref. to 1x2 yaoi angst sap post EW

PG 4+3, ref. to 2xH yaoi AU
[ note: you know a writer is good when there's 2xH in a fic and I don't automatically run screaming for the hills ^_^ ]

Aoi-chan @ Chibi Chibi KoKo Pop!
Red Velvet
NC-17 3x4, 1x2 yaoi lemon madness, and not the type you're thinking kink BDSM

Ashura @ Desolation Angels -- one of my favourite 3x4 authors
No Morning
NC-17 4+3 yaoi lime angst sap song fic canon

Remember Me
NC-17 3x4 yaoi lemon angst sap canon

Take on me
NC-17 4x3 yaoi lime angst sap canon

wholly to be a fool / while Spring is in the world
NC-17 3x4x3 yaoi lime light angst sap song fic post EW

Claimed @ Arabian Angel's Desert Archive
NC-17 4x3 yaoi not just a soulful lemon, but a soul-saving one...

figbash @ The Tale of Neko Wufei
PG-13 3+4, 4+3 canon light angst

INK @ shinigami & wing
NC-17 4x3 yaoi lime / implied lemon angst TWT Quat POV

Kawaii Li'l Lia @ Shades and Echoes
Parapsychology (10 parts + epilogue)
NC-17 3x4, 1x2, 5xS, 6x9 yaoi eventual lemon AU ghosts sap

Kay Zozma @ Thistlerose's Fan Fiction
Inside of a Gundam
[ note: winner of best general fic runner-up in the Shiai GW Fanfiction Contest ]
PG-15 3+4, 4+3 shounen ai light lime TWT bit o' sap

[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you'd like to know more... ]
PG-13 3+4 shounen ai Manguanac POV canon sap

Lady Bast @ Lady Bast's Fanworks
Magnum Opus
NC-17 4x3 yaoi soulful lemon

Mikkeneko @ the Abode of Mikkeneko
Share and Share Alike
PG-15 3x4, 1+2 yaoi humour uuchu no kokoro fun ^_^

Rachel @ Winner Enterprises
PG 3+4/4+3 shounen ai Trowa POV light angst sap *swoon*

Shenlong aka Deb @ Deb's DragonDragonball Diaries
[ note: winner of best song fic in oishii 2003 ]
PG 3+4 shounen ai angst song fic Quat POV

Space Pirate Ryoko @ Ryoko's Fanfiction Sanctuary
The Dawn of Peace --> waiii!!! I love this fic...
NC-17 3+4+3 yaoi (but not...) implied lemon Trowa POV angst damn good

Windsor Blue @ Shades and Echoes
Bed Hogs
G implied 3x4 sap (awwwww!) post EW

Buried Treasure (8 chapters + epilogue)
[ note: I've rec-ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
"Quatre and Wufei are seized by an unknown assailant – will Duo, Heero and Trowa come to their aid in time?"
NC-17 (for violence and psychological situations) 1x2x5 & 3x4 yaoi post EW action angst a touch of sap

>> 3x4x3 fics at gwa

[ Draco ]
NC-17 3x4 yaoi lemon angst Tro POV

[ FractalForge ]
Tears In Heaven
PG-13 3x4 yaoi angst Tro POV, introspection

[ Jade ] --> hot sex to make up for the smattering of 'little ones' *laugh*
Boy Next Door
NC-17 3x4 yaoi lemon AU sex in the great outdoors PWP

Boys On The Hood
NC-17 3x4 yaoi lemon AU? sex in a public place PWP

Chance Meeting (first in the Chance Meeting series)
NC-17 3x4 yaoi lemon AU cross-dressing PWP

Need You Tonight
NC-17 3x4 yaoi lemon bit o' voyeurism song fic PWP

A Night At The Opera (2 parts)
NC-17 3x4 yaoi lemon sex at the opera (natch) PWP

Pool Boy (part of the Bad Porn series)
NC-17 4x3 yaoi lemon AU PWP

[ Jay ]
Deep Inside You
PG 3x4 shounen ai song fic

[ Lilias ]
PG-15 3+4/4+3 shounen ai sap-ness

[ Lys ap Adin ]
The Stars Know All... (11 parts)
NC-17 4x3, 1x2 yaoi lime lemon AU --
> fantasy

[ Talya Firedancer ]

White Noise

NC-17 3x4, 1x2, OMCx3 yaoi TWT angst-ness pervy OMC unsappy sap

[ WingnNut ]

Chip Dip
NC-17 3x4 yaoi lemon bit o' link *growl* WDNNSP

>> highly recommended 3x4x3 sites...

-- Lorena's site...

Gundam Wing Fandom Paradise -- home to the Fablespinner ...

Quiet Reflections -- home to Maureen's fiction, another of my favourite 3x4 authors...

-- Raletha's site... I could quite literally rec just about every fic she's written