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[ note: some of the warnings for these fics are taken verbatim from Zania.
why mess with a good thing? ^_~ ]

The Ice Cream Flavours arc
[ note: I'm in love with this arc. ]
Orange Sherbert
PG-15 Trowa POV post EW action setting up...

Strawberry Swirl
Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5
PG-15 2+5, 5+2 shounen ai post EW

Finally Home
PG 2+5/5+2 shounen ai, barely minor spoilers for series vidfic

Orange Crush
PG 3+D, light 2+5+2 still post EW (is anyone really surprised... ) sap-ness

Rainbow Sherbert
Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11
NC-17 5x2, 3+D (main); 2+3, 5+3, 5x2+3 yaoi, het lime / lemon helping out a friend in need...

A Man Like Me
PG-13 2x5/5x2, ref. to past 5xM "yaoi, lime, past het, crossdressing, OC death, violence, spoilers for Episode Zero, language" light angst post EW preventer-ness song fic
--> Peaches
--> NC-17 5x2; light 6+2, 6+5; ref. to 3xD yaoi lemon cross-dressing post EW preventer-ness "gratuitous misuse of assorted dessert components" ^_~ fits somewhere in the middle of 'A Man Like Me' (you can't miss it...)

PG-15 "5x2x6, mention of 4xR, 3xD yaoi lime distinct lack of names"
--> Strawberries: The Scenes We Don't See...

Short Shorts
PG-15 2+5 shounen ai fluff Duo POV

...And Tie-Dyed Tank Tops
PG-15 5+2 shounen ai fluff Wu POV of above

...In A Swimming Pool
NC-17 6+3 squee!!! *cough*; mention of 2x5, 1x4xR, 11xS, OMCx9, DxH yaoi lime

one shots...

The Closet
PG 2x5/5x2 "implied yaoi, self-insert, extreme silliness, OOC-ness, bad metaphors co-written with Cassima"

It's Not Like That

PG "implied possible 2+3 implied shounen ai karaoke singing" post war Preventer-ness

PG 2+5/5+2 "implied yaoi --> innuendo men with car parts silly sappy fluff"