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Lost Atlantis
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Everything I Do
After Heero rescues Duo from OZ, he finds parting with him harder than he would have imagined
NC-17 1+2 yaoi lime song fic

Of Migraines and Marriage
[ note: winner of best marriage proposal fic in the feb 2003 sddi contest, nominated by moi cuz I knew damn well that this was the best proposal fic out there. ]
Heero has something important to ask Duo, but Duo has a headache and isn't in a good mood
PG-13 1+2/2+1 shounen ai sap Duo POV

Phantom In The Office
[ note: winner of best music fic in Nanashi 2004 ]
After the Eves War, Relena road to recovery begins with a ghost, a cold office, and a late night conversation
PG-13 1x2 (implied), R+1 R POV yaoi angst

Precious Things
An unexpected encounter with one of the Gundam pilots brings one of Relena's sins to light...
PG subtle 1+4 light angst R POV

Screams From The Peanut Butter Jar
The sanity of Shinigami hangs on the balance, but what can the one knows as "Silencer" do to help him?
PG-13 2+3, 3+2 shounen-ai lime TWT

When Walls Come Tumbling Down
After EW, two souls just cannot adjust to the changing times...
NC-17 5x1 angst yaoi lemon post war-ness

the Domestic Bliss arc
Boundaries of Dream
Heero: awake in the dead of the night
PG-13 1+2 mild shounen ai Heero POV

Heart Of Glass
Heero's not the cordial type...
PG-13 2+1 mild shounen ai adult language sap Duo POV

When Duo gets jealous...
PG-13 2+1 mild shounen ai adult language light angst Duo POV

Black Tie Affair
Heero primps. Duo watches. And life goes on.
PG-13 2+1 mild shounen ai adult language Duo POV

 Hanging By A Moment
Duo uncovers Heero's secret nighttime habit...
NC-17 2+1 shounen ai sap Dup POV

Something About Heero
A bit of comfort after a bad mission...
NC-17 2+1 shounen ai lime adult language sap Duo POV

Burning On My Lips
~ I've got your kiss still burning on my lips ~
NC-17 2x1 yaoi lemon

Run With Scissors
One word: haircut
PG-13 1+2+1 yaoi mild lime adult language angst Duo POV

The Golden Boy
Dead man walking...
PG-13 implied 1x2, 3x4 yaoi supernatural Heero POV