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fiction [ gifted and dedicated ]
propinquity author: ravengirl
[ note: a late '07 bday fic ~ 1x2x1 ]
upwardly mobile author: fancy figures
[ note: one of the many ways FF made my '06 bday something very special ~
forget-me-not author: fancy figures
[ note: in celebration of my site's 5th anniversary, a gift from a woman who knows just what to give. *smiles* ~ 2x5x2 ]
just a fl-uke author: fancy figures
[ note: my lj entry? "you know, for once I want the uke to cry out that he wants to be fucked slower....". this is what talented folk do with throwaway comments like that. *grins madly* ~ 1x2x1 ]
author: ravengirl
[ note: it's good being an inspiration *rowr* ~ 1x2x5 ]
first come author: fancy figures
[ note: an early 2005 birthday fic, to the tune of my favourite pairing... ~ 2x5x2 ]
fresh bread author: UtopiaDoesn'tExist
[ note: *love* *on so many levels* ~ Solo x 2 - shota ]
insensate author: UtopiaDoesn'tExist
[ note: shota. there's just not enough of it in the world... ~ 6x4 - shota ]
come together author: fancy figures
[ note: my reason-to-be-alive-in-feb-2005 fic ^___^ ~ 2x5x2 ]
mathematical experiment (ficlet) author: merith
[ note: sexy Duo fluff, in response to a... slightly negative *cough* comment I made months ago on the nature of bored!Duo fics... ^___^ ]
stir it up author: fancy figures
[ note: an '04 x-mas pocky gift fic*grin*. does this lady know me, or what... ~ 2x5x2 ]
freeport (incomplete) author: maldoror
[ note: in response to the 'not-nice-ness in general' of 'Darkside Tales' that was *cough* above and beyond the call of duty, this more... non-psychotic fic is also dedicated to me, for my 3rd anniv. heh... ~ 2x5 ]
special offer author: fancy figures
[ note: written for me, because rl sucks and, as I've so often been told, nobody cries in porn. ^_^ ~ 5x2 ]
darkside tales
(2 parts)
author: maldoror
[ note: dedicated to me in celebration of my 3rd site anniversary. she offered and I asked for something with alot of, and I quote, 'not-nice-ness in general' ~ 2x5-ness ]
home sweet home author: fancy figures
[ note: the ultimate house warming gift. *pause* for me, at least. ^_^ why I asked for a 2x4, I'm not sure, but considering the perfection of this fic, it must have been fate. ~ 2x4 ]
moving author: maldoror
[ note: "For Dacia, who just moved interstate, and may be scarred for life as a result. ... Don't lose your sparkly, shining things." ~ 1x2 ]
watching you author: maldoror
[ note: she offered, I gratefully accepted. the results of whatever her humour muse birthed, that is, as well as those of my rather unaviodable poke *cough* for a continutation ~ 1x5 ]
the perfect couple author: fancy figures
[ note: a gift to me, just because ^__^ ~ 5x2 ]
slush sucks author: fancy figures
[ note: inspired by my o-so intelligent diatribe on the state of Seattle weather---slush sucks ^__^ ~ 1x2 ]
the living and the dead (5+2)

outside in (3+2, 1+2)
author: trixie
[ note: for my '03 b-day, 'demanding wench' that I am. *grin* I very sweetly *cough* asked for 3+2 or 5+2, and she gave me both. do I feel Special, or what? *goofy grin* ]
just like scrooge author: fancy figures
[ note: an early '03 b-day gift from a girl who I think I just might love (in that decidedly non-scary way ^_~) forever ~ 1+2 ]
mission: american pie
author: arithion
[ note: inspired by my giggle pet peeve. *guffaw* ]
four letter words author: fancy figures
[ note: dedicated to my appreciation for a well-turned phrase ~ 1x2 ]
every day a little death author: anasazi
[ note: written for yet another of my wild plot bunnies (of the same name) by someone I, little known to me, helped introduced into the yaoi fandom. this fic was written for me, in thanks, and a grand thanks it is. ^___^ ~ 1+Rx1, 1x2x1 ]
author: vinyl koneko
[ note: for my 2 yr anniversary, from Emily. I've kept tabs on her since... well, since I entered the fandom. part of this is that I'm fascinated by her pen name -- Vinyl Koneko... how cool is that? ^_^ mostly, however, it's the undeniable fact that this chickie writes a mean AU. And now she's written one for me. *dacia preens* ~ 1x2, 3x4 ]

back of my heart
(3 chapters)

author: ponderosa
[ note: a late '02 b-day present *snuggle* ~ 2x3 ]
author: lily
[ note: written for my b-day (2002), this ficlet, alone, made up for the cold grayness of the day... *grateful smile* ~ 5x2 ]
[ note 2: and, look! a sequel, too! ~ 5x2 ]
batter my heart author: lyssira
[ note: again, a fic written for one of my more wild plot bunnies (of the same name). lyss is rather special to me, for reasons which she and I know, if no one else, and the fact that she did this for me is making me grin quite goofily... ~ 2+3/3+2 ]
a prison in a cage author: lilia
[ note: another fic written for one of my damn angsty plot bunnies. since lilia hasn't posted it and doesn't have an archive, I'm the only one who has it. mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!! *ahem* ]
a new beginning? author: lily
[ note: written by one of the sweetest girls who's ever lived expressly for one of my plot bunnies. and it did make me cry. *sniffle* ~ 2+1/1+2 ]
ten things about bathtubs
author: zillie
[ note: a present for my one year anniversary from one of my pet authors, one of the ones I get all gleeful about when I realize that I archive them... *possessive smile* ~ 2+1 ]
play my game author: blue soaring
[ note: a while back, I brought Blue's attn to the boys next door smut contest (one of the best contests out there, imho ^_~). in honour of my meddling *ahem* she dedicated this to me. cuz I'm so wonderful and all... ~ 2x1 ]
my fair lady author: akuma
[ note: the third author I archived and the first I fell in love with. not everyone is keen on a super-seme Duo, but sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered... *smirk* ~ 2x1 ]
fiction [ requested ]


author: fancy figures
[ note: written for the most complicated bunny I've ever fostered out. what I wanted was a non-stereotypical Quatre, in love with a younger Duo. which is what she gave me (and then some). do I know how to match bunnies with authors, or what? ^_^ ~ 4x2 ]


author: trixie
[ note: after a few, what? years? of watching my 'Hello' bunny whither away in a corner, I finally decided to post it to fic_on_demand. and trixie, god bless her trixie-perfect little heart, came through for me. ~ 1+2 ]

time of your life

author: trixie
[ note: I wanted a fic. a fic where Duo is in love with Heero---call it a crush. in this fic, Heero would be straight and at no point would he... un-straighten. this fic would contain absolutely no angst connected with Duo's hopeless love---not a whit of it. this fic would be about Real Life, about Friendship, about Being There. and she gave it to me. on my b-day ('04), no less... hence the *love* ~ unrequited 2x1; 1xR, 1xH, 2+5 ]


author: mookie
[ note: written for my request on fic_on_demand, as inspired by the lyrics to Don McLean's Crossroads. yet again with the eerie perfection... ~ light 1+2 ]

going nowhere

author: merith
[ note: written to the tune of Tears For Fears' Mad World, hence the eerily perfect apathetic angst ]


author: trixie
[ note: who do you go to when you're craving some Tro/Duo action with SM overtones? *snort* who else? ~ 3x2 ]
lurv spec author: fancy figures
[ note: written for moi, simply cuz I had a sudden hankering for a song written to What's New, Pussycat? *grin* ~ 1x2 ]

falling sideways
(2 parts)

author: blue soaring
[ note: written for one of my admittedly tamer (if not tam-est) plot bunnies. (I got Blue to write sap! ha! *ahem*) ~ 1+2 ]
art [ jump to gift art from CeY ]
artist: paperflower86
[ note: commissioned by Sunhawk for my site's 11th anniversary. ]
artist: t_shirt1x2
[ note: on the occasion of my site's 10th anniversary. ]
artist: java mint
[ note: commisioned by Sunhawk for my site's 9th anniversary. ]
artist: Aquerna
[ note: for my site's 9th anniversary. ]
artist: Porcelain
[ note: commisioned by Sunhawk for my site's 8th anniversary. ]
artist: ummm.... ^_^;
[ note: commisioned by Sunhawk for my site's 7th anniversary. ]
artist: Renee
[ note: how could you not be loving this? ^_~ ]
artist: Toni_Q
[ note: commisioned by Sunhawk for my site's 6th anniversary. i'm sensing a trend here... *laughs* gotta get my 5x2... ]
artist: t_shirt1x2
[ note: an out-of-the-blue sketch, on the occasion of my site's 6th anniv ]
artist: Kracken
[ note: commisioned by Sunhawk for my site's 5th anniversary. *feels the love* ]
artist: banana_onigiri
[ note: the art is actually a gift for someone else. what the artist wanted from me was to find someone to colour it. the incredibly talented sekra volunteered, and I was given permission to host this result. *purr* ]
[ note 2: warning!! --> Heero's wearing clothing, sure, but 'tain't much. *nudge nudge wink wink* ]
artist: Voodoo Girl
[ note: the 1st person (and, until Sunhawk) the only person to give a rats ass about the 4th anniv of my site. I love this girl. and not just cuz she gives me art. ^_^ ]
artist: PL Nunn
[ note: another commission by Sunhawk, on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of my site. *is gooshy-fied* ~ 2 & 5 ]
artist: The Reverand
[ note: anything for a virtual smile. ^__^ ]
artist: Voodoo Girl
[ note: *bawl* geez! I am such a sap! this touched me just waaay too much.
*sniffle* ]
artist: wingless
[ note: an 'early 2004 b-day/thanks for pocky' gift from FancyFigures *is thrilled beyond words* ~ 2x5x2 ]
artist: DeeEzBee
[ note: to bring me cheer in the depths of rl suckiness. *cuddles* ]
artist: banana_onigiri
[ note: about, oh, 8 months ago, I ran across this girl who offered me fan art. as if I would ever refuse (esp. since she was good *cough*). she sent me a few rough drafts, but then... disappeared off the face of the earth. the 1x2 piece is truly too rough to put up, but Heero here is *snort* as pretty as a picture, so I figured I'd go ahead and share the wealth. ^_^;; ]
artist: Anasazi
[ note: for, and I quote, getting a real finish out of Maldoror for "Watching You." heh... ]
artist: Vege-lume
[ note: a thank you from someone I helped shape into the fangirl she is today *beam* ]
artist: ponderosa
[ note: a scan of Pond's '03 x-mas card to me, cuz I simply had to share the cute-ness *smile* ]
artist: PL Nunn
[ note: a commission by Sunhawk, of a scene in my Ricochet, because I'm so wonderful. *ahem* but seriously folks, this was a little something to show her appreciation for my hosting of her fiction. as if I needed to be thanked for that...~ 1+2 ]
artist: asuka kureru
[ note: and so she did respond to my '02 b-day graspy-ness. *smile* and, yes, I did ask for a 1x5 -- she's converted me. *laugh* ]
warning: explicit-ness!! NC-17!!!
artist: A.H.
[ note: this is actually a gift both for Lady Archer, for writing Color Me In, as well as to me, for possessing the supremely good judgement in archiving it... ]
artist: ponderosa
[ note: drawn for me at y-con 2002. her sketches just floor me... ~ 5+2 ]
artist: devils_copper
[ note: a reaction to my The Boy From Ipanema entitled 'Blind', which I think is a startlingly apt name ]
artist: devils_copper
[ note: anniversary gift #3... gee, anniversaries are fun. heh... I think I'm getting spoiled... ]
artist: ponderosa
[ note: another anniversary gift, this one from Pond, a girl I've sworn to adore until *ahem* she gets sick of me. ^_~ ]
artist: DeeEzBee
[ note: a gift for my one year anniversary. ^____^ ~ 2+5 ]
artist: 0083
[ note: I really can't say enough about this gal and how special she is, here, without getting all sappy. is it enough to just leave it at her being wonderful? *smile* ]
artist: stacy
[ note: *glomp* *ahem* this girl can, quite literally, do no wrong... ]
artist: asuka kureru
[ note: I'm not the only one to have received one of these, but it's so kawaii that I couldn't help but put it up. besides, I'm glad I was able, even in a small way, to help. ~ 5+2 ]
artist: the fablespinner
[ note: this was drawn for my fic, Rapunzel -- the first fic I wrote in the fandom (you can kind of tell... heh... ) ~ 1+2 ]

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