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stand alone...
Balancing Act
[ note: winner of best 3x4 in the 2002 **a little piece of gundam wing** fanfic contest ]
PG-15 3+4 yaoi lemony lime canon

Cuts Deeper Than...
Duo has to do it, but it doesn't mean Heero has to like it.  
NC-17 1+2 shounen ai lime light angst very minor self-mutilation

Different Degrees of Maybe
Quatre and Duo are having a camp-out and contemplate the different ways of things.
PG-13 4+2/2+4; ref. to unrequited 2+1 & 4+1 shounen ai lime TWT

Dreams of Yellowed Bone
You see many strange things with a fever.
NC-17 2x3, ref.s to 3+4, 2+4 & 1x2 yaoi implied lemon "weirdness" TWT PWP-ness damn fine Duo...

The Games We Play
Relena needs a bodyguard for the day, and Duo needs some Ritalin.
PG 2+1 shounen ai post EW umm...

Late at night, Heero ponders reality, Duo, and whatever else pops into his little mind.
PG 1+2 Heero POV

Interlude: An Understanding
Just a little ficlet in which Heero contemplates his relationship with Duo.
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon a bit o' sap Heero POV TWT

Old Habits
Duo left this part of his life behind years ago, but some habits are hard to break.
NC-17 2x1 yaoi lemon BDSM the anti-romance angst-ness Duo POV post war-ness? AU? ref.s to prostitution, drug use bit of L2-ness dark-ness

Tenets of Fear
NC-17 2x? yaoi lemon soulful PWP

Being Duo Maxwell arc
Set in Duo's POV, these stories go through the series and provide a little 'behind the scenes' action.
Making it Better
Set just within Episode 4, which you will recall had Heero and Duo being oh, so friendly to each other after their little hospital break out.
NC-17 2x1 yaoi lemon

I'm An Idiot For You
Set just after Episode 5, which you may recall had Duo and Heero battling it out, although it ended a bit different than Duo had planned on...
NC-17 2x2 yaoi masturbation

Set during Episode 7, in which Heero does his most incredible feat yet. He says Duo's name...
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon

Duo's Letter
A companion piece to Overture. Written at the request of the lovely Rose.
PG referral to previous 1x2 perfectly decent ^_^

When You're Strange
Set during Episode 9, after a certain two guys finish a basketball game.
NC-17 1x2/2x1 yaoi lemon light angst

Clair de Lune
Set at the very end of Episode 10, after Heero, well, you know, and into Episode 11 where Duo and Quatre are hanging out.
NC-17 1x2, 4x2 yaoi lemon angst

Time to Feel Good
Set at the very end of Episode 15 and into Episode 16, just before Quatre and Duo head out for space.
PG-13 referral to past 1x2, 4x2 yaoi lime-y a bit o' sap

Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Set at the end of Episode 19 and into Episode 20, just before Duo gets rescued at the OZ prison.
R 1x2 yaoi lemon light angst

Amazing Grace
Set in the middle of Episode 20, just after you-know-what happened to Deathscythe.
R 1+2 Duo angst

Closing In
Set at the end of Episode 23, just as Duo gets tossed into the cell with Heero and Wufei.
R 1+2 yaoi

From A Goodnight Kiss series

In Close Quaters
Set after Endless Waltz, under the assumption that the G-boys are working for the Preventer's, Wufei and Duo are stuck together in...interesting circumstances.
PG 2+5 yaoi lime-y

Too Close For Comfort
Again, this is set after Endless Waltz, under the assumption that the G-boys are working for the Preventers, Wufei and Duo are stuck together in quarantine with things getting a little too intense for Wufei's comfort.
NC-17 5x2 yaoi lemon

Sharing Toys
The saga continues with the introduction of a new player.
NC-17 1x5x2 yaoi lemon threesome!

Virtually Reality
The fourth in the series that I can't seem to stop writing.
NC-17 1x5 yaoi lemon

Boys Who Wear Glasses
Boys don't make passes at boys who wear glasses....or do they?
NC-17 5x2/2x5 yaoi lemon

Listening Devices
Sixth story, yadda yadda yadda.
NC-17 1x2, 5x2, 1x2 (heh, heh) yaoi lemon

The Best Part of Waking Up
NC-17 1x2x5 yaoi lemon angst-ness

Second Verse, Same as the First
NC-17 1x5 yaoi lemon

No Substitute for Talent
NC-17 1x5x2 yaoi *snort* lemon

*with apologies to John Malkovich