Lyssira's Fan Fiction
Dark Little Corners
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[ note: Lys has, as of 09/03, left the fandom. >_< ]

Across the Abyss
PG-13 1+2+1 yaoi angst

Alive (sequel to Final Answer)
PG 1+2+1 shounen ai songfic angst Heero POV sap

Batter My Heart
NC-17 2x3 yaoi lime / implied lemon Trowa POV TWT barren-ness written for one of my wild plot bunnies (of the same name...)

Between Floors
PG "1+2+1, R+1 (1+R, if you look for it)" light shounen ai light angst some language

Dawn On Peacemillion (sequel to Night On Peacemillion)
Part 1 Part 2
PG-13 1x2/2x1 yaoi reference to implied lemon (ha!) angst maybe OOC, depending on how you think Duo would view a same sex relationship sap

Duo Maxwell's Guide to Surviving High School
G implied 1+2 list extreme silliness ^_^o

Everlong (with Nataki)
G 5+? song fic angst

Final Answer (sequel to Outside)
PG 1+2+1 shounen ai songfic angst Duo POV language sap

G implied 1+2 umm....

Guilt Whispers To Me
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 8b - alternate ending (angst)
NC-17 1+2, 3x4 (eventually) shounen ai horror dark violence graphic Duo angst gore AU-ness --> that would be the 'horror' part bit o' sap by the first ending, lots of angst by the second...

Healing (sequel to Wounds)
PG 1+2, 3+4 yaoi light lime angst-ness sap-ness

Heero Yuy's Guide to Surviving Highschool
G implied 1+2 list extreme silliness ^_^o

An Instant (ficlet)
PG 1x2 death fic (*sob*)

PG 1x2 shounen ai tiny bit o' lime AU death fic, in a way

Night On Peacemillion
PG-13 1x2/2x1 yaoi implied lemon angst

PG 1+2+1 shounen ai songfic angst POV odd...

PG 1+2, 3+4, 5+D shounen ai, het, yuri mentioned sap light angst humour fluff post EW

Perfect Moment (ficlet)
G 1+2+1 shounen ai sap POV

A Returning (ficlet)
G 1+2+1 shounen ai

The Spin Sugar Dilemma
NC-17 2x1 yaoi lemony lime fluff-ness

Standing Alone (ficlet)
G ? POV angst

Sweet Dreams
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon souful PWP angst

Talk To Me
NC-17 1x2 yaoi dark graphic angst Heero POV

Part 1 Part 2
NC-17 1+2+1 shounen ai romance violence blood AU-ness

Waking Hour (sequel to Sweet Dreams)
G 1+2+1 yaoi light angst romance

When You Say Nothing At All
PG 1x2 shounen ai song fic sap

Whisperer in the Dark
NC-17 implied 2+1, 2x?/?x2 ('tis a surprise!)
yaoi lemon soulful PWP

Why Gundam Pilots Should Not Be Action Figures
PG implied 1+2, 3+4 list humour

Why Gundam Pilots Should Not Go to the Movies
PG 1x2, 3x4 yaoi list humour

Why Gundam Pilots Should Not Have Children
PG 1x2, 3x4, 5xS yaoi, het list language humour

PG-13 1x2 yaoi lime-y light ansgt sap