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Can I sum me up in a few lines on a web page?

Of course not.

But I'm hoping that by looking at all this stuff, by seeing what I've done, what I can do and what I like, it might just be possible for me to at least give you a vague outline of who and what I am.

The only thing left for me to do, then, is tell you about what I believe, which is, let's face it, at least as important as what colour my hair is ('onyx sheen'---read 'black'), how many piercings I've inflicted upon myself (a grand total of seven), or how many tattoos I have (eleven---so far).

I believe in fate. I believe in music. I believe in sunshine, which I know by experience I can't live without. I believe in poetry, although not my own. I believe in blue and green. I believe that your soul does go up on the roof and get stuck after you die. I believe that Alexander the Great is by far the most fascinating person ever to have lived.

I believe in Gundam Wing (read "I am addicted to Gundam Wing"). I believe in words. I believe that Star Wars Episode One was a monstrosity and a sacrilege. I believe in tears, having cried enough of my own to no longer be able to disregard them. I believe in love.

I believe in books, the well-written kind. I believe in repetition as a literary styling. I believe in the Fantastic Plastic Machine. I believe in despair. I believe that what you are on the inside is what matters most.

And, even though it may at times look like I don't---I ofttimes have to remind myself---I believe in me. Handy, that...

-- Dacia ^_~

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