Author: Merula

This is a fusion of GW with a series of books by Christine Feehan called the Dark Series.

Dark Bond + Part Seven

Trowa stared at the red of the cushion and wondered if he was going mad. Was his lifemate in this house? He had been told that he would know his lifemate right away, that the bond would be unmistakable.

But, he had looked at the woman who answered the door and felt nothing. No jolt, no shock. If she wasn't his lifemate, then who was?

A blue eye under a golden fall of hair....

No. Impossible. It couldn't be him.

Maybe there was something in the air, something in this house that had affected Yuy and Maxwell, made them think that they were lifebonded. Maybe whatever it was had infected him too.

He pulled himself to his feet. He had to get the other two. They needed to get on their way- he didn't have time to mess around with whatever this was.

Trowa stepped out of the room and found Quatre waiting for him in the hallway. His head was bent over his knees, and Trowa found himself staring at the other's hair for a moment, fighting the urge to touch it. "Excuse me?" he said instead. "I'm finished. Has Duo returned?"

The blond's head snapped up and he glared at Trowa for a moment before answering. "Not that I know of," it was nearly a snarl. "Let me take you to my sister and we'll find out."

Trowa wasn't sure what he had said that had earned him such a look of hatred. He was surprised to find that it hurt him, he didn't like that look on the blond's face. He followed Quatre down the hallway and had to stop himself from reaching out to his reluctant escort.

Irea was in the office, sorting through Heero's papers. She looked up when Quatre entered, Trowa on his heels.

"All finished?" she asked.

"Yes," Trowa answered. "Where are Shinigami and his... mate?" The slight hesitation increased the dark look on Quatre's face, but Irea remained unruffled.

"They have not yet returned." Irea smiled. "Make yourself comfortable, I'm sure they will be here shortly."

Trowa sat down in the chair she indicated, thoughts in a whirl. Rather than focusing on Quatre, who had retreated to a corner of the room and was glowering at him, he focused instead on Irea.

"You have lived with Yuy for a long time?"

"Yes." Irea smiled. "He took us in when our mother was killed." She met his gaze. "Our father was of your race. My mother saw him and wanted him. He was still young, still had his feelings, he agreed to be her mate, though she knew that he might bond elsewhere. She knew his blood mixed with hers would produce strong children."

"It sounds like a business arrangement."

"It was in a way. My mother's people are a dying race- much like yours. She had many children with him, even after he lost his feelings, he would usually come to visit. But then he vanished."

"Do you know what happened to him?"

Irea shook her head. "No one does. At the same time the humans who shared our desert started a hunt. They wanted to wipe our clan from the Earth. Many of my siblings were killed. Heero arrived and offered Quatre and I a refuge. He has been very kind to us."

Trowa glanced at Quatre, lurking in the corner, his eyes now on the floor. Irea looked at her brother and then back at Trowa.

Her lips curved up in a smile.


Heero closed the front door behind himself and smiled at his lover. Oops. He said and pulled a leaf from Duo's braid.

Thank you. I wonder what our Prince said...

"Let's go find out." Heero led the way down the hallway. Stop worrying love. No matter what he said, I won't be parted from you.

"There you two are," Irea smiled at them when they entered the office.

"What took so long?" Trowa snapped.

"We have to be careful in our feeding." Heero replied calmly. "As you very well know. There are other kinds of hunters out there."

"True," Trowa took a deep breath. "The Prince wants to see both of you. The plane is waiting for us now."

"Then we should go," Heero agreed.

"He also asked that I tell you what you're walking into."

Duo stiffened slightly and Heero placed an arm around his mate's shoulders. "What do you mean?"

"Not your situation. Ours. The whole reason I came here in the first place." Trowa snapped. "The Lady Relena has been kidnapped."

Duo gasped. "How is that possible?"

"We don't know. We haven't been able to find her. She's being held by..." Trowa glanced at Quatre, "one of the clans. They sent us word that she was safe and unharmed, but gave us no indication of why they took her. The Prince is calling as many hunters in as he feels can be spared. You have always been his left hand, Shinigami, that was why I was sent to fetch you."

"We could have a war on our hands." Duo frowned. "This is not good." Heero's arm tightened.

"Let's hope we can stop it before it gets that far."

"We should go with you." Irea spoke up. "My brother and I are clan, but also of your people. We could help."

Duo looked at Trowa, expecting him to object, but Trowa nodded. "It might be a wise idea to bring you." His eyes lingered on the were in the corner and Heero hid a smile.

"Give us a few minutes to close and secure my home Trowa, and we will all go with you."


Duo curled up as close to Heero as he could manage in the plane seats, watching the range of expressions that floated over the face opposite them.

That's odd. He said to Heero privately.

What is?

I could've sworn Trowa had lost his emotions. But he seems pretty emotional right now...

Heero sounded amused. Like a Carpathian that just discovered his lifemate perhaps?

Discovered his lifemate? Duo looked wide-eyed at him.

Look... Heero inclined his head to side. Quatre and Irea were on the other side of the aisle. Irea was reading, but Quatre was staring out the window scowling.


Yes. I thought I felt something when he entered- and he was so emotional when we told him about us...

But why aren't... oh, of course... Quatre's in love with you.

Heero blinked at the reason that Duo presented.

Quatre isn't in love with me! He protested.

Yes he is... Duo sounded smug. But that won't matter now.

Heero hid his amusement at Duo's obvious satisfaction. You aren't jealous?

You know damned well I am. Heero kissed the top of Duo's head and saw Trowa turn his gaze determinedly out the window.

Huh, I thought it was because Trowa seems so set against our bond that he wouldn't recognize his own.

I think it is that too, Duo agreed. At least on Trowa's side. He doesn't believe in the bond, and Quatre doesn't seem to want it.

They can't fight it. Not for long.

Duo noticed that Trowa had turned away from the window and was looking covertly at Quatre, who was still scowling. Oh, I think Trowa's in for quite a battle.


Quatre was seething with anger. That jerk was over there questioning Heero about his eating habits, if he'd noticed anything odd lately... like he thought Heero's bond with Duo was some kind of disease!

"Quatre," his sister said in his head. "Stop fussing over your lifemate, he'll come around."

"LIFEMATE!" Quatre barely remembered to think it. "That jerk is not my lifemate."

Was it his imagination or did Trowa flinch a little?

"Quatre please, you think I couldn't tell? It snapped into place the moment you laid eyes on him."

"Temporary insanity. That's all it is. Besides, I can't be a lifebonded. I'm clan."

"Half-clan," his sister reminded him. "Trowa is your lifemate. He'll come around."

"What if I don't want him to? You think I can't feel it- what he feels? He's disgusted with himself! He doesn't want me, so I don't want him. Ever. I don't care even if he does come around. I won't ever be his." Quatre curled up tighter in his chair.

"Oh Quatre..."

"Leave me alone."


The mansion was not ablaze with lights as it had been last time, but Heero smiled as they walked up the drive. Was it only a few nights ago that he had stood here and wished that his lifemate was inside?

Duo's hand tightened around Heero's. The Prince was waiting for them inside, and Duo was afraid that of what was to come.

Lucrezia, Zechs' lifemate, greeted them at the door. "Duo!" She gave him a brief hug. "I'm glad to see you." She smiled at Heero. "Welcome. Zechs is waiting for you two in the study."

"Thank you." Heero gestured to Irea and Quatre. "These are my friends. They have come to help us. Quatre and Irea are clan."

"Then they are very welcome here," Lucrezia clasped both of their hands. "Why don't I show you to a room? You must be tired, and dawn is approaching." She looked at Trowa. "You look tired as well, old friend. Go to your rest."

Trowa bowed his head and went up the stairs. Lucrezia made a shooing motion towards the study. "Go talk to Zechs and then take Heero up to your old room," she said to Duo. She ushered Quatre and Irea up the stairs.

Duo turned to his lifebonded. "Well, shall we go?"

Heero ran his hand down Duo's braid. Relax love. I will never consent to part from you.


Zechs was seated at the desk when they came in. He rose from his seat with a smile when he saw them. "Shinigami, it's good to see you again. Heero- thank you for joining us."

Duo was too tense to do more than nod. Heero clasped the Prince's offered hand and smiled.

For a moment, they all were silent. Zechs was studying them, his face giving nothing away.

Duo finally exploded. "Say something! Are you going to banish us? Separate us?"

"Lifebonded pairs can not be separated," Zechs looked shocked. "Why would I try?"

Surprise washed over Duo. "But... our bond..."

Zechs shook his head. "I called you here because I needed your help with the clans. I was there when your bond formed- Heero was right beside me- it was unmistakable."

Duo opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Heero came to his rescue. "So you knew all along?"

"Yes, well... let's just say I hoped I was right. You see, I have been hoping something like this would happen."

"You...have?" Duo managed.

"Yes. We have a lack of females. That will continue for a while- our birth rates are so low- so few of our females survive... we've found a few human women to bond with- but not enough. Your pairing makes me hopeful that we won't loose so many to the darkness. Hopefully there will be others..."

"My Prince," Heero smiled. "I think there is another one already."


Once the doors of the study closed behind them, Duo flung himself into Heero's arms.

"I told you," Heero said softly into his ear. "Nothing will separate us."

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