Author: Merula

This is a fusion of GW with a series of books by Christine Feehan called the Dark Series.

Dark Bond + Part Eight

Trowa paced his room. The sun was going to set soon, and yet he couldn't bring himself to sleep yet. He felt restless, as if there was something he should be doing...

He heard footsteps in the corridor; let his mind brush outwards to see who it was. Maybe it was the Prince, someone he could talk to, try and figure out what was wrong with him...

Quatre. In the hallway, returning from the shower, his thoughts on Heero's meeting with Zechs. Hoping the other Carpathian wouldn't be punished. Beneath that was a layer of sadness... at not being Heero's lifemate.

Trowa found himself snarling.

He flung open the door and stalked out. Quatre was farther down the hall, clad only in a towel draped around his hips, his back to Trowa. He whirled around at the sound of Trowa's door hitting the wall.

His eyes widened as Trowa stalked towards him. "What?" He managed, before Trowa seized him by the shoulders.

"You shouldn't think about him that way," Trowa snapped as he pinned Quatre to the wall, his mouth descending to capture Quatre's. "He's not your lifemate!"

For just a moment, Quatre relaxed in his arms, his mouth welcoming Trowa's... then he stiffened and shoved the Carpathian away. Trowa, caught by surprise, let go.

"Don't touch me like that!" Quatre growled. "I'm not yours!"

"You aren't his either." Trowa dodged the fist Quatre threw and once again pinned the were against the wall. Quatre struggled to get free as Trowa kissed him again, hard and demanding.

Quatre returned the kiss, even as he fought to get away, finally managing to wrench himself free. He glared at Trowa as he backed down the hallway.

Trowa lifted an eyebrow and bent to pick Quatre's towel off the floor. "Don't you need this?"

Quatre's chin lifted slightly. "Hardly. I don't care who sees me like this." His lips twitched as Trowa snarled. He reached his door, darted inside and slammed it behind him.

Trowa considered showing Quatre that a locked door wouldn't stop him.

He rubbed his forehead. What the hell was he doing? Since when had he ever forced anyone? And a male at that? What was wrong with him? Why did he care who the blond were pined after?

The surge of jealousy that arose at that thought nearly choked him. He did care.

And he knew why. Impossible as it seemed...

He went back down the hallway to his room and prepared himself for sleep. The earth he needed was in a special container, hidden under the bed. Anyone walking into the room in the daytime would never suspect what was sleeping under the neatly made bed in the empty-seeming room.

He caused the earth to close around himself and closed his eyes, the image of Quatre's angry face appearing before his inner eye. He had to acknowledge the bond between them, no matter what had brought it into place. He was bonded to the were... and Quatre hated him, wanted someone else... What was he going to do?


Quatre looked out the window at the setting sun. It had been a long day. This morning after that scene in the hallway he'd managed to get some sleep. Unfortunately his sleep had been plagued with dreams of that idiot. He growled softly to himself.

He'd spent the rest of the afternoon with his sister, reading up on the little bit of information about the clan that Zechs' possessed. Irea had apparently asked Lucrezia to leave it out for them so that she and Quatre could familiarize themselves with the situation.

"I don't understand why they took her." Irea was frowning at the documents. "Supposedly this clan is very honorable. What honor is there in stealing a girl?"

"Maybe to them there is some sort of honor in it," Quatre replied. "We won't know for sure until we talk to them."

"Do you think both of us should volunteer to go talk to them?" They had decided that asking for a meeting would be the best idea.

"No. I think you should stay here. You can keep an eye on me, so to speak, and keep Zechs and the others informed."

"You can't go by yourself," Zechs entered the study, catching the tail end of the conversation. He sat at the desk and raised an eyebrow at Quatre. "You need to go in with some kind of backup."

The study door opened again. Lucrezia entered, followed by Heero, Duo, Trowa and two other men that Quatre did not recognize.

"What's going on?" Trowa demanded, looking from Quatre to Zechs and back again.

"Quatre has offered to go in and talk to the clan, see why they kidnapped Relena, see if they can be reasoned with." Zechs frowned. "I think he needs to take someone in with him. One of us."

Trowa opened his mouth to reply, but Quatre glared at him.

"I'll go," Duo said before any of the others could react. Quatre blinked at him and he grinned. "If that's okay with you Quatre?"

Quatre thought for a moment. He didn't know the other two, he didn't want to take Trowa and Duo wouldn't want him to take Heero.

"That's fine with me."

Heero tugged on Duo's arm and they glared at each other for a moment or two before Heero let go, frowning.

Trowa was bristling. "It makes more sense to take me. I'm a powerful mind speaker..."

"So is Irea. She'll be keeping tabs on me. We'll be fine. In fact, we should go now."

Quatre strode towards the door, past Trowa, and out into the hall. He saw Duo kiss Heero lightly before he turned to follow him.

Once outside, Duo gave Quatre a grin. "Hope this is really okay. Just couldn't resist teasing Trowa after all that fuss he kicked up about Heero and me."

Quatre found himself grinning back. "Fine with me. Shall we get going? The clan supposedly has contacts at one of the restaurants in town. Maybe we could find someone to talk to us there?"

Duo nodded. "Sounds like a plan."


Duo followed Quatre into the tiny restaurant, keeping an eye on the patrons as Quatre went to the counter and began a soft-voiced conversation with the woman behind it.

Relax love, he sent to Heero, feeling his lifemate's worry rise as the door to the restaurant closed behind him. We're fine.

At the moment. Why didn't you let me go?

Because I thought Trowa might tear your throat out if you volunteered.

He looks tempted to do that anyway. I've never seen him this jumpy...
Heero sounded faintly amused. If I wasn't worried too, I'd be tempted to push a button or two...

And how would you do that, evil one?

Suggest that we might be tempted by a threesome. After all male lifebonded pairs were thought to be impossible, so who can say that a bond of three then couldn't now be a possibility as well?

You are evil. You know I'd never share you.

I'd never share you either,
Heero sent, the words tinged with possessiveness. Not ever. But Trowa doesn't know that...

Quatre turned away from the counter, met Duo's eyes. "They are willing to talk to us. We need to find a seat."

Duo nodded and followed Quatre over to a corner booth. Too far from the door for his comfort, but the wall against his back was comforting.

Duo scanned the restaurant, noting the movements of the rest of the diners, the way that eyes looked towards their booth and away, the tenseness of muscles hidden under clothes.

He met Quatre's eyes. Quatre nodded. The whole restaurant was full of weres.

What? Heero demanded.

They aren't being threatening- just letting us know what they are. Honestly, Duo soothed, I think they are more afraid of us for some reason.

They were only in the booth for a few moments when a red-haired man joined them.

"Gentlemen," he said and held out his hand. Quatre shook it and Duo nodded. "I am Trieze, this is my clanhold."

"Thank you for welcoming us. I'm sure you know why we are here. One of our ladies is missing. You sent us a message claiming that she was safe and unharmed, but you made no demands. We were sent to find out what you want in exchange for her safe return."

Trieze sighed. "I'm afraid we can not return her."

"What have to done to her?" Duo leaned forward angrily, but Trieze waved a placating hand.

"She's well, I swear it to you."

"Why won't you return her? What do you want?"

"I want peace between my people and yours." Trieze answered immediately. "I had no part of the Lady Relena's kidnapping. She was..." He sighed. "Look, our clan has long had a protector... one of your people. He has saved members of our clan over and over again, helped us in so many ways... we can never repay him. He was the one who took Relena. He asked us to send to her brother word that she was fine, and indeed, I insisted on seeing her to make sure that he wasn't lying. She looked well."

"Did she ask to go home?" Quatre frowned.

"I didn't have the opportunity to ask her that. I only got a small glimpse." Trieze shrugged. "Our protector wouldn't let me stay, wouldn't even let me get close enough to speak to her."

This is worrisome, Heero said to Duo. Ask if their protector's behavior has changed any...

"Forgive me," Duo said. "But, has your protector seemed altered? Different than usual? You must know what sometimes happens to our males if they are left alone too long..."

"The darkness of the vampire," Trieze nodded. "I worried about that too. As far as I know he has taken no lives yet in his feeding. But his behavior is strange, and it does concern me."

"This worries me," Quatre said. "On one hand he could have fallen into the darkness, or be close enough to be worried enough to try and force a bond."

"On the other, he could be bonded to her," Duo nodded. "That would also explain the strange behavior."

"We have to see him." Quatre met Trieze's eyes. "Please. Or at least show us where he is. Our lady's brother is very concerned."

Trieze looked worried. He was silent for a long moment. Then he nodded. "Very well. But if he does something..."

"You won't help us. I understand." Quatre smiled slightly. "And I promise, no one will blame you if something does. You are in a difficult situation."

I'll blame him if something does. Heero muttered.

Down boy! Duo replied, amused. Quatre and I will be fine, don't worry.

Trieze got to his feet. "Follow me, please?"


Quatre was worried. A rogue vampire- even a Carpathian at the end of his endurance was going to be a difficult thing to face. Hopefully Relena was okay.

"You're doing good, little brother," his sister said in his mind. "You dealt with Trieze perfectly."

"I just hope I can deal with this protector as well."

"I have faith in you."
His sister sounded amused. "And when you come home I think you'll find a very remorseful lifemate. He's been pacing and snapping and growling. He's very worried. It's sweet."

"It's not sweet. He's probably having indigestion or something."

"Really Quatre,"
his sister scolded, "you don't have a romantic bone in your body."

Quatre didn't reply. Trieze had led them down a winding staircase and into a brick-walled basement. His nerves were beginning to shrill at him.

"Down that hallway," Trieze pointed. "I'll wait for you here."

Duo went first before Quatre could stop him. Quatre shrugged. Duo would have more luck dealing with a vampire than he would.

The hallway ended in a wooden door. Duo raised his hand to knock, but Quatre reached past him and turned the handle.

The door opened onto a room hung with tapestries and paintings, with antique overstuffed chairs and sofas everywhere. Relena was sitting on one of these, a book in her hands.

She looked up at them, blinking for a moment and then she smiled. "Duo! Finally! Did my brother send you?"

"Yes my lady," Duo took a few steps into the room. Quatre lingered in the doorway, the hairs on the back of his neck rising. Something was wrong here.

Relena got up and strode towards Duo, hands out in welcome. "I'm so glad to see you!"

Duo reached out his hands to her, but before he could reach her, a whirling blur moved in front of her. Quatre blinked.

Standing in front of Relena was a dark-haired man, dressed in a long white tunic and black pants.

"How dare you!" He snarled at Duo and backhanded the long-haired Carpathian into the wall.

Then he turned his glowing dark gaze onto Quatre.


Heero was not happy. Duo and Quatre were following Trieze down into a basement, and all he could think about was how much like a trap it was. He didn't like the red-haired were leader; he didn't like the fact that Duo seemed to have no worries about going into such a place.

His lifemate teased him about being overprotective, but if the lovely idiot was going to be this careless with his safety, then Heero had every right to worry.

Irea was keeping the Prince and Lucrezia updated on things as she talked with her brother. She was a very powerful mind speaker, and Heero wondered if there was a lifemate for her among the Carpathians. Several psychic female humans had been able to integrate into their line and Irea was half-Carpathian.

Heero turned his attention to Trowa, pacing beside the window. He'd be less worried if he'd just given into the bond when he'd first felt it and not been such an idiot. Now he'd nearly alienated his lifemate.

He felt Duo's relief at seeing Relena alive and unharmed, and was relieved himself. The three of them could now leave that place and come home.

Then surprise- pain- and the connection was abruptly cut off. Heero launched himself to his feet, even as Irea's voice grew panicked.

"He knocked Duo out... he's heading for Quatre... NO!" She nearly screamed. She closed her eyes tightly, then opened them and looked up at the Prince. "I can't reach my brother... he's not responding."

"Duo's not either," Heero growled and turned towards the windows, intent on reaching his lifemate's side.

"Wait!" the Prince snapped, grabbing his arm. "Wait for the rest of us, we'll go with you."

Heero didn't want to wait, was about to protest, when one of the windows shattered and a dark shape flew out of it.

Trowa apparently had not wanted to wait.

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