Author: Merula
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine.

Warnings: Um, violence ahead??

Deliveryman + Part 12

Trowa and Wufei had the doctors up against the wall in seconds. "Chang Wufei," Master O snapped as Wufei herded him against the wall next to the other two. "You are disgracing your clan. This man betrayed you and yet still you fight for his safety?"

"I am not the disgrace," Wufei snapped back. "What honor is there in forcing someone to betray his friends?" That made me feel a bit better, but I didn't get the chance to hear more, because at that moment, a bunch more Preventers came storming into the room. Sally and Noin were leaning over me before I had a chance to blink. I heard Heero and Quatre's voices added to the other two's, so the gang was all here.

"Good lord," Sally swore as she and Noin unstrapped me from the table. "You look like you've been through a war."

"I have," I told her, trying to summon enough energy to sit up.

"At least they bandaged you up," she muttered. "Do you think you can get up?"

"I'm trying," I told her honestly. With her and Noin's help I managed to sit up on the table. I looked to the side to see Heero and Quatre slapping restraints on the doctors. They weren't being gentle. "Sally?"


"Turn the docs over to someone else- okay? I think the guys are too mad to deal with them."

"Duo-" she gave me an odd look. "They really hurt you-"

"I know. But still..." I protested.

"I'll go talk to Une," Noin spoke up and moved away towards the commander. Sally helped me down off the table and I was glad that she was strong, since I damn near fell over.

"Duo- how's your head? You didn't look like you got injured up there. Are you dizzy?"

"No. Just..." I shouldn't be feeling this way, I realized. My nerves were starting to tingle. I couldn't be feeling this way! I looked over towards the doctors and saw J watching me with a narrowed gaze, even as Une was reading them their rights. The other four pilots had backed off a bit, but they were still standing near the doctors like jackals waiting to feast. I shook my head, but it didn't clear. Images began to flash in my peripheral vision. Oh no!

"Feeling okay, Duo?" J called across the room to me. Before I even realized I had moved, I was across the room, my hand fisted in his coat. I heard Une gasp.

"What the hell did you do to me?!"

"You know what we did." He said calmly, despite my grip on him.

"How? I'm not hooked up to your damn system!" I lifted him higher and pushed him tighter against the wall.

"Duo?" Heero was beside me now, one hand on my shoulder. "You're going to hurt yourself. What is it?"

"How?" I repeated shoving J harder against the wall. I didn't feel injured anymore. I felt great. That wasn't right. What the hell was happening?

"Just a little side effect Duo. Zero did integrate itself with your neural net via some chemical compounds."

"Get it out!"

"I can't." He responded flatly.

"You put the Zero system into Duo?" Quatre had caught on.

"Sort of. The chemicals that we injected into him helped him interface with Zero. Think of it as a temporary re-wiring of his brain's systems."

"Temporary?" I caught that word.

"Hopefully." J sounded a bit too delighted.

I saw myself throwing him against the wall hard enough to snap his neck.

I saw myself turning around to grab Heero's pistol out of his hand and shooting J with it.

Instead I dropped J and turned to Heero, grabbing his sleeve. "You have to lock me up somewhere," I told him. He nodded, shooting J a dire look as he took my arm. I squeezed my eyes shut as the possibilities began to flow over my vision.

"If you'd just consent to let him go back in the simulator, he could work it off," G suggested. The images flowed faster. Gods this was worse than when I was hooked up. My head was beginning to ache.

"That would get rid of it?" Une asked.

"No. That would kill me." I interrupted her. "Since this time I would go in without the backup systems, if I had to self-destruct..."

"Very good Duo. You figured it out," G complimented. I opened my eyes.

"I didn't. Zero did. Just like it shows me all the other little things you have planned." I turned to Wufei. "Search them. Now. Hands in the air, doctors."

Fei did as I asked paying special attention to the places I told him to look. My head was pounding now, but Fei had pulled a small pile of toys off of the doctors.

"Head aching Duo?" O asked me as Fei finished. He sounded interested, his voice wasn't mocking.

"Yes, damn it."

"You have to work it off somehow- G wasn't lying about that. You have to use it for more than just this-" he gestured at Wufei. "You know that."

I did. Zero presented me with all sorts of lovely possibilities if I didn't.

"I have an idea." Heero hadn't let go of my arm. "Come with me 03, 04, 05. Leave your weapons here." Heero said coldly. "Une can see to the doctors." He led me out of the room and down the hallway, the others trailing close behind. I wasn't focused on what he was doing; I was trying to convince Zero that he wasn't an enemy.

We stopped and I opened my eyes. We were in a bare room, with plain metal walls and floor.

"Heero?" Quatre asked. "What's the plan?"

"Duo needs to work off the system. We can't put him in the simulator, so we have to fight him. All of us."

"What?" Wufei sounded startled. "All of us?"

"He's right," Trowa agreed. "More possibilities."

"You can't do this," I protested. "I could really hurt you! I can't control it!" Heero suddenly shoved me across the room. His eyes had gone dark and cold.

"Prepare yourself 02. We're not going to hold back, because we know you won't."

Part of me was horrified. The other part- the part that was listening to Zero- chuckled in glee. Possibilities began to scroll as 03 and 05 moved towards me. I laughed. I clenched my fists and hurled myself towards my enemies.

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