Author: Merula
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine.

PLEASE READ: The Duo POV in this chapter is basically Zero. Anything in [ ] is the other saner Duo that is in there somewhere. It's a bit disjointed, but let's face it guys- this is not the optimal Zero system and Duo is not in the best shape to start with.

Deliveryman + Part 13

Possibilities danced across my vision. 05 launched a kick towards my head; I ducked it easily and leg-swept him before he had a chance to retaliate. He fell hard, but managed to get away before I could inflict more damage.


"Street-fight Fei! He's not following the forms!"

03 went for a direct attack; I blocked his punches easily but then had to move back before 04 managed to hit me from behind. I ducked away, but 01 was waiting. His punches had more force and direction and there were too many probabilities in facing him head on.

[Heero's not holding back. Can't take this long.]

I was receiving too much damage. 01 continued to inflict damage despite my attempts to move out of range. Danger level high- his termination was needed. An opening-

[Not terminate!]


03 was coming in from the side. I recognized this maneuver. They had used it before... I ducked one of 01's fists and grabbed his wrists, throwing 01 into 03. They went down hard.


"Idiots! He recognized that move! Don't use suit tactics! He knows those!"

I went after 04. He was the biggest threat, and if I could terminate 04 the others would lose their tactical advantage.

[Disable! Not terminate!]

I managed to injure 04's wrist before 05 joined in and I had to divide my attention. 05 got several hits in before he made a grab for me, trying to twist my arms behind my back. I ducked and mule-kicked. 05 managed to mostly dodge it, and I was now open to an attack from 04.

01 and 03 were also closing in. Chances of surviving a 4-way attack were slim. I needed to eliminate possibilities.


I lunged for 04, knocking him onto the ground hard. I mispredicted 03's reaction- he followed us to the ground, managing to throw me off of 04. I hit the wall.


[Oh gods- it hurts!]

Visuals were blurring. Wing was closing in now. Stealth mode wouldn't engage. Scythe was damaged badly, weapons were unresponsive. Could not defend against Wing's attack.

[Scythe? I'm not in Scythe...]

Systems were shutting down, visuals went out.

"He stopped."

"Is it a ruse?"

"Doubtful. He was responding as if he was in a suit at the last part there. Zero must've burnt out."


[It's over...]


I blinked my eyes. Everything was just kind of white and blurry. Ouch, was my next thought. It felt like someone had been beating the crap out of me. As the voices in the background began to register, I remembered that was exactly what happened.

"What were you thinking! Duo was already injured! Did the four of you get off beating on him more?!" Sally raged.

"He needed to..." I heard Wufei protest.

"That's no excuse! You four are good enough to take him out without these kind of injures! You weren't holding back!"

"He wasn't." I heard Heero say.

"He was injured, sleep-deprived and not thinking clearly. You are four healthy, rested, trained agents. Why don't you go and kick some kittens while you're at it?"

"Sally," that was Quatre. "We had to fight that way. Duo would've used it to his advantage otherwise."

"Really?" Sally's voice was dripping sarcasm now. "It didn't have anything to do with the fact that maybe you're angry with him still? Despite the fact the doctors were pulling his strings? Can any of you honestly look me in the eye and tell me that on some level you didn't enjoy giving Duo what was coming to him for betraying you?"

Total silence.

"And if I might also point out the extent of his injures compared to yours? If he wasn't holding back, I would think the rest of you would look a bit more damaged. What do you have to say to that?"

More silence.

"Thought so." Sally growled. "All of you- get out. If any of you get close to him again, I will have Une take official action." I heard the door close and a moment later, a blurry Sally was leaning over me.

"Sally?" I managed.

"Duo. How are you feeling?"


"Why are you squinting?"

"You're all blurry." I felt her hands moving over my head, then she shone a bright light in my eyes.

"Concussion. Pretty bad one. Feel nauseated?"

"Maybe. I hurt too much to tell."

"Don't sit up. We're in a shuttle headed back for Earth." She moved out of my vision. "You're in bad shape Duo. You had some injures before the others decided to beat the crap out of you, and now- well, you're a mess."

"How bad?"

"Numerous contusions, burns to legs, arms and chest, you cracked some ribs, dislocated right kneecap and left shoulder, left arm is broken in two places, you're bruised, concussed and I'm really hoping not internally bleeding somewhere."

"Me too. Guess the guys went easy on me."

"Don't even try Duo. They weren't easy on you at all." Sally sniffed.


"You managed to bang them up, break Quatre's wrist and a few of Chang's ribs. That's it. They have less bruises. On the whole, I'd say you went easy on them."

I thought back to the fight. It was all kind of a blur. "I don't think I did..."

"Duo. Quit talking and rest." Sally put a gentle hand on my forehead and lifted a syringe with the other. I was more than happy to go back to sleep.

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