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warning: my good god. most of these reviews are awful. you people put up with this drivel?? *shakes head* the fics rec-ed, however, are worth your while.

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jan 2011

focus on: Dan Kirk

If, like myself, you decided to look through the other fics on the site that is home to Dom Luka, you will have discovered that... how to put this... most of those authors SUCK. They're so bad that it's not even funny. Talk about disappointment. >_< The only other readable author on the site is Dan Kirk and Kirk's fiction is a bit of a mixed bag for me. Not in writing quality -- if that was the case, I wouldn't have bothered to rec him at all. His mind, however, tends to go off on tangents that I do not always appreciate. A few of his stories end so sadly that I'd rather have not read the fic in the 1st place (namely the Dreams stories and Rider's Pride). And others (the Do Over series, really) veer off sharply from relationship-based fics into para-military political thrillers which, while stemming from the fantastical plot quite logically, left me dead cold. Oddly enough, however, even after a few relatively minor plot disappointments, I found myself returning to see what else of his work I could stomach, since those of his stories I do like, I like quite a bit, and I would have enjoyed his others if they weren't do damnedably depressing. Mind you, I realize that most folks aren't quite as sensitive as myself *COUGH*, and for those people Dan Kirk is one not to miss.

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focus on: Dom Luka

Just noticed that I only managed to update the site twice in November '05. That was a first, and it wasn't until that moment of recognition that I was a bit embarrassed. *blush* Dom Luka, however, takes sole responsibility for at least one of those missed updates---I read here non-stop until I had finished every. single. word. Literally. This was all I did online. E-mail? *snort* Lj? What's that? This page was my life for 1 1/2 weeks, in every spare second I had. I got so caught up in gay teen angsting that the rest of the world ceased to be of import. My only 2 complaints are [1] he isn't published and [2] there isn't more. So, go. Read. Immerse yourself---I'll see you whenever you might come up for air. ^_~

[ note: the 1st story is not completed, though he does update fairly regularly. of the next 2, 'The Log Way' is my favourite. I have not attempted the last. ]

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apr / may / june 2005

focus on: consequence free

Newly discovered authors (by me, at any rate) are like... ambrosia, I swear. They transport me and fill me with awe and I eventually end up professing my undying love and adoration for them. Such is the case with Eleanor K. Heck, I even stalk her lj. Why, you ask? Because I love to read, in general, and I love to read fanfiction, in particular. So much of it is so very bad that when you stumble across someone who isn't... well, you come to the whole ambrosia effect aforementioned. Eleanor K breathes new life into beloved fandoms. She tackles odd pairings, she fiddles with assumed dominant/submissive roles, she is unique. And, damn, but I love that.

fandoms of note *cough*:
Demon Diary • Fake • James Bond • Weiss Kreuz

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jan / feb / mar 2005

focus on: Perpetual Thoughts And Corresponding Actions
@ Tabi @ Sorcerer Hunters.org

Sorcerer Hunters was my first intro to incest. Not that there's any incest in the actual series (although wouldn't that have been nummy). There are yaoi hints, as we all well know, but no brother love in sight. *sigh* Mind you, the relationship between Marron and Carrot is so close as to... lend itself overly well to the idea that there's *nudge nudge wink wink* something else going on there. Up 'til this point, the only Marron x Carrot fics I've read have been at bishonenink. Those fics are more along the lines of 'you want me?? Well, why didn't you say so!', with much boinking ensuing. This is a good thing. Boinking is almost always a good thing. But you know what else is good? Angsting. Angsting can be an even better thing, and what better thing to angst about than being sexually attracted to your brother? And Marron angsts aplenty. He goes on and on and on 'til you almost don't care anymore what the f*ck he does if only he shuts up. So why am I rec-ing this series? That's a very good question. Especially since by the end of it (to date, that is) I'm rooting for a pairing that is most definitely not incestuous. But maybe that's a reason in itself. Marron, yes, does wax himself a mountainous candle of guilt and lust, but... well, he never once ceases to be dead sexy. And, if you've seen Marron in action, you know that one thing he's not is dead sexy. But here, he is, and just like Gateau and Milphey, you find yourself being frigging enchanted by this troubled teen and following every single word that comes out of his mouth even as he drives you crazy...

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nov / dec 2004

focus on: yami no matsuei @ the fanfic vault

It's no secret that I'm fond of YnM, but I haven't exactly made a big deal of the fact, either. Why is that? Simply put, I really haven't been able to get into the fan fiction. Sure, I've read my fair share of YnM fics and have rather enjoyed them, but I've only been able to read alt pairing fics. Muraki x Tsuzuki, Tatsumi x Tsuzuki and Tatsumi x Watari are all well and good, but Tsuzuki x Hisoka? I don't think so. The standard plots of the yaoi universe just don't cut it with those 2, in my eyes. Writing them in bed having mad, passionate sex almost squicks me. Leaving them platonic doesn't quite work for me, either, though, as the vibes (*grimace* for lack of a better word) I get from them just scream 'more than friends'. To date, I haven't come across a single Tsuzuki x Hisoka fic that I could stomach until (natch) now. I originally started reading this series of fics because they dealt so intimately with the shikigami, which the anime and most fic writers studiously ignore. I did too, at first, not knowing any better, but scans of the Japanese manga had me instantly persuaded that at least half of what YnM could be had been totally disregarded. (actually, what first crossed my mind was 'damn, the shikigami are frickin' hot')(*rowr*) The first few fics, in fact, do not at all deal with Tsuzuki in a romantic context, but treat of Tatsumi and Watari's bond, as well as the deep and growing relationship Tsuzuki shares with the 12 powerful beings who serve him. It is only later that the tentative love between Tsuzuki and Hisoka, already based in a firm friendship, begins to (heh... I had to say it... -->) blossom. I love that Hisoka is somewhat wary of sex since, hello?, his only experience with it had been rape at the hands of a psychopath. I love that Tsuzuki is equally hesitant, although for him this is seen to stem from the fact that, hello?, he led a miserable life wherein nobody wanted to touch him in anything but anger or fear. 8 multi-part fics in, Tsuzuki and Hisoka haven't progressed beyond kissing and a cuddle, and yet their pace never seems slow or unrewarding. The fact that their relationship is not the center of the universe is perfect, as well -- the fics dealing with Tsuzuki and his shikigami or the count are just as engrossing and, even more, telling. There's a whole YnM world out there, one that was present all along but which I'm just now beginning to see.

[ note: *sigh* bad rec. where is my brain, anyways? but the fics are good. trust me. ] [ ^_^ ]

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sept / oct 2004

focus on: teland

[ note: still with the dc universe. so sue me. ^_~ ]

It's funny. 99% of the fics on this site are pure sex. You don't need warnings. It's just there and you expect it. And you keep reading and it gets you hot, but... It's funny. Every fic has sex, and yet, even if that's all that happens, it's so much more than that. Cuz it's not the sex that gets you hot (we all have those days when we skip over the lemons cuz... you know... been there, done that) it's all the stuff behind it---a tidal wave of need and desire and guilt and pain and wrong and right that revs you up so much more than sex alone and leaves you frigging gasping at its enormity.

And that's just f*cking cool.

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july / aug 2004

focus on: 'rith's Tiny Little Homepage

It's been a long time coming, but the time has finally come. Mind you, I never would have said this was inevitable. After all, when I first tried to read Nightwing slash, it did literally nothing for me. And now.... whoa nelly! My god, I'm in love! If I had put 2 and 2 together and gotten 5 before, I would have realized that this mysterious 'Nightwing' person was, in fact, a grown-up Robin (who, let's face it, I've always had a bit of a thing for, at *cough* any age). Superheroes and I have never really... gotten on well. Sure, I was a minor LoJ fan as a child, but that's really as far as it went, not counting (of course) my more adult attraction to Spiderman which disappears utterly and completely when he's *grimace* Peter Parker. The whole idea of 'secret identities' always seemed so... silly to me. How exactly would that work? You change your clothes and, suddenly, you're a different person??? *snort* I wish. I didn't begin to regain my flagging interest in superheroes until Teen Titans came on CN. There's no one out there with working eyes who can tell me Robin ain't as cute as a bug's ear. When he made his first appearance as Nightwing... *le sigh* I was lost. Just one look at him in that blue and black suit, his hair long (unlike the pic above >_<), athletic as a dream... *gahbibble* But, as usual, good looks and *ahem* flexibility aren't nearly enough to... get me 'gahbibble'-ing. It was the man behind the mask that did it. Even in those few short moments, he was so... Dick. Heh... So I turned my wandering yaoi eye towards trixie's (aka nw's chick) bat slash page, and through her found 'rith. Not only am I contented beyond belief in my find of a man who could not possibly exist (for reasons having all but nothing to do with his physical prowess) and his equally mindblowing lover Garth (Tempest), but the whole 'superhero' concept is suddenly becoming much more intriguing.

[ Note: 'rith's Sea & Sky site is the only page of Nightwing fiction that I've read. and, also, the only one I'm interested in reading. when you start off with something this good, you know for a fact that it will only be downhill from there. ]

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may / June 2004

focus on: odds and ends

No direct links, this time around. I'm not even gonna give you the names of the fics, since I think you can figure that out for yourselves. Can't do everything for ya, now can I. I'm starting to think I've been spoiling you folks... ^_~

[ note: every one of these sites/pages have fics on them from fandoms other than the ones I've mentioned. in some cases, the fic(s) I'm pointing you toward are only a drop in their respective fandom buckets. So poke around a bit, ok? ]

[ note 2: these fandoms notoriously have either very few well-written (or even 'readable') fics or very few fics in general to their name. if you know of others, I'd be happy to hear of them... ]

[ note 3: *gasping breath* so... many... bad... fics... hence, short list -- couldn't make myself wade through any more. ]

Fanfiction.net - Hott

Kaikan Phrase
@ Bon & Vonne's Love & Gundams

Paradise Kiss
@ Fanfiction.net - radishface

Petshop of Horrors
@ Bon & Vonne's Love & Gundams

Please Save My Earth *bawl*
@ Firecat Fanfics
@ Fanfiction.net - ami-chan200
@ Ryoko's Fanfiction Sanctuary
@ Krista's Anime fanfiction

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mar / apr 2004

focus on: RandyMichael @ Infinite Passions

I stumbled across the RandyMicheal series months ago, and I was not impressed. It is written in alternating POV, a style which usually causes me to all but race in an opposing direction in a most unseemly fashion. If I wanted to watch all that back and forth, I'd take in some tennis, and you just know I can't stand tennis. When I finally returned to the site, it was to re-read something else entirely, something which I then found I really did not need to reread The series, if it had not caught my interest, had at least been memorable, and so I thought I'd drop in on it and give it another go. And.. My... god... I could get all crude and personal about what the sex between Randy and Michael does to me, but I don't do crude, and seldom do personal in such a public forum, so I'll just settle for saying that it's hot. I'll even go you one better and say that it's damn hot. But that's merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It turns out the alternating POV, which so turned me off this series when I'd first stumbled across it, lends itself perfectly to portraying a budding relationship. Randy and Michael are not the young whippersnappers the gw guys are. They are men, both in their 30's, and both with a healthy amount of baggage that, while not involving terrorism and/or mayhem, is still something to make connecting with a potential mate somewhat of a challenge. Instead of seeing each action and scene through each man's POV *convulsive shuddering commences at the mere idea*, we are given reactions---thought processes are revealed, motivations are unveiled, words are given substance. And it all inevitably leads Randy and Michael together, although somehow the inevitability is fresh and new and never stilted. By the time you finish reading, the characters are much more than mere fictional creations. They have become people---real live flesh and blood, though, of course, they don't really exist. In the end, you have to remind yourself of the fact because, as sappy as it sounds, by then they feel like old friends (whom you've watched having lots and lots and lots of damn hot sex ^_~).

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Jan / feb 2004

focus on: on-line shounen ai comics, part 1

what to beware of in just about all on-line comics:

[ 1 ] nothing much ever happens and, when it does, it happens at an incredibly slow rate
[ 2 ] the bulk of them are not updated nearly as often as the artist claims s/he will
[ 3 ] drawing styles and quality can vary. deal.



Holden is the boy everyone loves. Quite literally. For some strange reason which remains a mystery, everyone who comes in contact with him falls in love with him in one way or another. He is surrounded by people who want to get closer to him, in some instances against their own predilections. Thankfully, most of theses people fall under the 'good guy' category. The possible exception to this is Holden's ex-boyfriend, Vincent, a vampire who was turned against his will by a sadistic beauty who ends up controlling him to such an extent that he brutally rapes and beats the boy who has stolen his heart. Add to this mixture the on-going war between Vampires and Harpies and you're... just as confused as I am. *laugh* Still, the pictures are very pretty, on the whole, and there actually is a plot, though it's of necessity rather slow going.
: drama / angst
art: pretty
plot: where to start? it all involves vampires, harpies, and true love not conquering all
last update: 23 nov 03


dooti and evel

What is this "wannabe-manga" about? Oddly enough, I'm not really sure. Even more oddly, I don't really care. What I do know --> The main character is a boy with a girl's name. He lisps and is, therefore, perfection. His relationship with his mother is somewhat... lacking in parental overtones. Although he sleeps with the other main character, whose name on his lips comes out as 'Dwooti' rather than the actual 'Drooti' because of said lisp and (hence) is perfection, I am not altogether sure that he's gay. Together they are very, very pretty and do nothing of consequence. They say shallow things very deeply, and generally live life like overtly cynical, modern beatniks in Mr. Roger's anti-neighborhood. note: it made much more sense, *tilts head* if that's possible, the second time through, after a goodly amount of time had passed.
type: realistically surreal
art: ruddy brilliance in b&w and shades of grey
plot: ummmm...


Hurricane Party

Most of these comics are all about the art -- it's the main focus, for obvious reasons. Comics are by definition a visual experience, after all. Hurricane party, however, comes at it from the other way around -- the humour comes before all. The art you see in the first comics degrades to the point that the characters look more like stick figures than anything else (at one point I do believe they are stick figures), and yet it detracts nothings whatsoever from my enjoyment of what is one of the most intelligently comic... comics I have come across. The story follows Brian Terrell, a college student who is hopelessly yet non-melodramatically in love with his roommate. As the story opens, said roommate, known commonly as T-rock, is happily in lust, if not in love, with his then boyfriend, Tony. Tragedy of normal proportions ensues when they break up, prompting Brian to try to cheer his friend up in any way he can. And it's just damned funny, in a refreshingly non-situational or gag-gy way.
type: humour
art: what art?
plot: road trip, life-ness


Hybrid Genesis

The archangel Micheal has been murdered, (presumably) by his jealous and more than slightly possessive lover, Gabriel. It is left up to Kennen, a member of the lowest choir of angels, to exact punishment from the transgressor, so far above him in station. He does not feel up to the task, but Micheal had entrusted him with his sword, and his heart (though not, as far as I can tell, his body -- read 'they were not lovers'), so he really has no choice. Chosen to accompany and help him on what he believes to be a suicide mission are four outcast (as in 'not fitting in' not 'having been expelled from heaven') (heh...) angels. And then... well, that's as far as it's gotten. Kennan reminds me, in a good way, of a non-naive Raife (Demon Diary). And the art? Let's put it this way -- if this comic were sold, I would pay money for it.
type: drama / angst
art: nearly professional
plot: angels on high acting awfully human...


Shounen Ai GO!

"Boy's love love story in high school" that is just too damn cute for words. The art is kawaii, rather than bishounen-esque, but considering that this is a humour comic, that's all for the better. The main character is Daisuki (why, yes, this is a bit of a parody comic. why do you ask? ^_~) who is passionately in boy love love with Koinosuke. 'Tis very sweet and, more importantly, funny enough to make me snicker aloud. My only problem with this comic is it's layout at times -- maybe it's just me being my old, dim self *cough*, but I sometimes lost track of how to read the comics so that the 'panels' were in successive order. That aside, this one is well worth all that 'click'ing.
type: humour / fluff
art: cute-ness to the extreme
plot: what plot?



In this era of bloody and conflict, pain and homelessness, there are few, if any, who remember that there is more to life than death and despair, that peace was once the law of the land. Two remarkable similar winged races are locked in an 'eternal' war, dragging in to their vain struggle the four other races who also inhabit this nameless (heh...) world. Enter out hero, Hanayaka, a jaded and crude female mercenary who has in her possession an object that just might be the answer Nesshin (a powerful elemental mage) and his lover Shinwa (a bard) are looking for. To this end, they hire Hanayaka to accompany them into the wilds and, with any luck, go to change the face of their future. *cough* Yah, I know. But these summaries are hard to write, ok? Falling back on melodramaticism seems to be my best bet... ^__^* Oh, and on a sidenote, this is one of the most wordy comics I have ever come across. These guys can sure gab, and the good part is that not only does this allow you a deeper insight into what's going on, but it doesn't take forever to happen.
type: fantasy / humour / angst
art: near professional
plot: power, love, hope, pain... *cough* general enough for ya? ^_~


Your Wings Are Mine

If you've somehow missed my love for this comic (which has been on my site rec page for... ever), then there's no help for you. It really is perfection.
type: angst
art: gorge-ousity
plot: falling...

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oct / nov / dec 2003

focus on: Dragonball Z smut

I know there are those of you who simply cannot comprehend my *cough* slight obsession with DBZ yaoi. I also know that many of you who weren't aware of this slight obsession are now either heartily chuckling or gasping in shock to learn of it. DBZ is, after all, dumb boy anime. No doubt about it. I will not go so far as to deny it. For a very long time, that's all it was to me, as well. It confounded and aggravated me. Why was it that 30 minutes real time somehow translated to only 5 minutes DBZ time? What was with the only-one-fighter-can-fight-at-a-time-no-matter-if-the-fate-of-all-creation-is-at-stake rule? And where the hell is Krillin's nose??? The longer I watched, trying to work my head around it all, the more I began to enjoy the heck out of it. And the more I realized that Goku and Vejiita, not to mention their respective offspring (when full grown), were just damn hot (as episodes progress). *rowr* That, in itself, is really not enough to cause even a slight obsession, however. Cute guys are a good thing and all, but I am not so indiscriminate that the thought of any 2 beiseinen boinking (heh...) will get my motor running. Do you want to know what really gets me about Goku and Vejiita (besides the all but too obvious oil & water chemistry)? They're Saiyajins. That's it in a nutsehll. They're not human, and my very favourite fics work off this fact with an astounding degree of success. Sex between Saiyajins isn't sweet or nice. It's violent. Fierce. Passionate. It's hormones and lust, pain and pleasure. It's... raw. There are no 2-D idiotic, drippy Goku's or ridiculously and unthinkingly cruel Vegiita's rampaging through these fics and, as such, the relationships portrayed between the last 2 Saiyajins stretch beyond such concepts as love and need, as we know them. They are deep and complex... and wonderfully inhuman.

Angelus -- A Fatal Attraction: Barely Breathing (Vegiita x Gohan) @ a prince and his boy and We are the Conquerors, We are the Conquered @ Saiyan Hideaway

-- Dominating Passions and To Win A Royal Heart @ Pixel Goddess' Closet

Xero Sky
-- literally everything *swoon*. if you want a place to start, try 'Entrapment'... mind you , it won't make much sense if you're totally DBZ-clueless @ Saiyan Hideaway

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july 2003

focus on: 'The Lost Boys' smut *purrrr*

'The Lost Boys' has been a favourite movie of mine since it came out. IMHO, it's the quintessential vampire flick... or at least it's the one I enjoy most. ^_~ It's only the perverted part of my mind that, the last time I watched 'The Lost Boys', thought to itself ' gosh, these boys are so pretty together...'. And it's the still more perverted part that decided the boys who looked most pretty together were Michael and Sam... Incest -- it's not just for breakfast anymore! *ahem*

The Lost Boys @ TeLand

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march / april 2003

focus on: Title Pending - Fictions by Sukunami

Final Fantasy. A series of games that I have never played, and never plan on playing (gomen -- as much as I'd like to be, I'm just not the gaming type... >_<). Mind you, unless you've been living under a rock for the past 5 or so years, or possibly holed up in backwoods of the the Appalachian Mountains, I say the words 'Final Fantasy' and something is conjured up in your mind. Final Fantasy is fun. Just the idea of it, I mean. So many contrasting worlds to be discovered, so many different battles to be won, so many lovely bishounen to screw with... *laugh* Well, we all knew that this is where I was heading. My past obsession was FF 7, due almost entirely to tenshi and llama joy of bishonenink. Of late, however, I find that I have been Turk-ed, Tseng-ed and Rufus-ed out. Heh... FF8 and I have had a somewhat... spotted history. On the one hand, the perv *ahem* in me loves a bit of Laguna x Squall, but other than that... *sigh* let's face it -- I just didn't take to Seifer. Bad guy doing bad things in a bad way. I don't know about you, but after a few admittedly touching angst-filled fics, I need more than that. Seifer wasn't always out to destroy the world, ya know. And did you ever stop to think that the reason he bullied and picked on Squall so much in their childhood was for a totally unmalicious reason? Sukunami, bless her little hentai heart, has. Finally, a Seifer who isn't a total bastard. Sure, there's still that attempting to take over the world thing, not to mention that torturing (literally) Squall thing, but Seifer isn't entirely to blame. That is, at least, my new belief. That plus the fact that a (subjectively) happy Seifer x Squall rocks. *victory sign*

recommended: I read everything that was completed and enjoyed it all, including the mpreg fics *gasp*, but if you want a spot to jump off from, or merely want to test the waters, begin with 'Game

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october 2002

focus on: bishounen ink

Fanfiction -- the staff of life. What I'd do without it, I really don't care to guess. And this site has some of the best I've read. It's not just fiction.. it's goddamned poetry...

bakuretsu hunters (sorcerer hunters)
: I've got one word for you -- incest. Yeah, baby... I'm talking me some Carrot x Marron. What?? *dacia points to the blinking sign over her head, wondering how anoyone could possibly miss it* Hentai, remember? ^_~
my favourite: 'burn forever with your name'

escaflowne: I was lucky enough to see the OVA of the series in an honest to god theatre. Needless to say, I was enraptured. The music was quite literally intoxicating, and the bishounen... Mmmmm... I knew from the moment Allen appeared on the screen that my boyfriend would hate it. *laugh* I was not mistaken. He just doesn't get it. Heh... But I sure as hell do...
my favourite: 'Token Resistance' (there's only the 3 to choose from and you just knew I'd pick the one with the lemon... *laugh*)

final fantasy 4, 6 (just a bit of these two.... ); 7, 8, 9 & 10: everything you ever wanted to know about ff... and yet somehow not quite enough. *smile* Not knowing much about the games, I can't get into the in-depth fics found here as much as I would like to, though judging by the ones I can get into, they must be incredibly well written. Tenshii and llamajoy are gods, I swear... [ warning: these are a few more of those authors that might make you, as a writer, wonder why the hell you even bother... >_< heh... ]
my favourite: ffvii... anything from ffvii... (with the exception of the fics that focus on Elena and Reeve... I don't even know who they are and I still don't like them... )

lord of the rings: Slash isn't something I'm all that into. For the most part, RL characters are so damnably and purposefully heterosexual that I can't get my mind to see ti any other way, even if it might be... interesting to do so. But LotR??? You'd have to be blind not to see the possibilities (although I have to admit that most of the LotR slash I've read has had me squirming, in the bad way...). Leave it to Tenshi to make ti all come alive, ne?
my favourite: there's only the one fic. you can't very well miss it...

samurai troopers (ronin warriors): 5 cute guys... in armor.... battling to save the world... Sound familiar? I suppose it really isn't, but you have to admit that it's cool to think of the possibilities. *grin* Certainly makes it easy to sink into this world...
my favourites: the good guys --> 'honesty of nightfall' & the bad guys --> 'time to come'

trigun: I like this series. It's fun, in that 'I never want to kill again' way. And Vash is as an adorable a gun slinger as you're likely to find. I also have to admit that this was one of those series that I watched without an eye to yaoi. What? It does happen, ya know... ^_~ But Tenshi has a way of making almost any pairing seem... as if it were meant to be even though you might have laughed at even the notion before...
my favourite: 'Sweating Bullets'

vagrant story
: *sigh* Another game I don't know. What can I say? My hand/eye coordination sucks. *laugh* Luckily enough, with a little internet research allowing me to see what these folks look like, I can still appreciate this stuff. Good god... I really am easy...
my favourite: 'Paths of Desire' [ useless dacia trivia: the song this 3 part fic is based on? is by october project. this cd is what inspired my 'freeze'... if you've read it... ]

weiß kreuz: Do I even have to prod you in this direction? If I haven't hooked you guys on wk yet, something is seriously amiss...
my favourite: 'pulse'

yu yu hashuko: You'd really think I'd be able to get into this more... but these gals take it all so seriously. While this works wonders in the other fandoms they write in *swoon*, it's kind of odd (and, to me, off-putting) to see it here... *shrug*

There are a few fics from other fandoms floating around as well. You don't expect me to do all the work for you, do you? ^_~

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may 2002

focus on: Weiss Kreuz

Yaoi is a good thing. A very good thing. GW yaoi, yes -- that goes without saying, especially considering what site it is you're at. *grin* But just stopping there would be an absolute crime. So many bishounen, so little time (somebody should make a bumper sticker of that. I'd by one...). So, in celebration of yaoi based on anime other than GW, I've picked my favourite out of the bunch to start with -- WK. Have you seen these guys? Sure, there's no Duo in the bunch *growl*, but these are eight gorgeous specimens of 2D manhood if ever I've seen them. I'm not quite sure whether people who come to my site have read other yaoi. It certainly is within the realm of possibility, although I've come across folks who are so fanatically into GW that it's really kind of frightening.

There are more than few worthy WK fics out there. Listing them all would just be kind of silly -- I might as well start up a WK archive, in that case. ^_^ Better instead to take a few, just a handful, that I think best characterize each of the members of Weiss and Schwarz, respectively. I must admit that these are very biased choices -- although I've read a lot of WK fics I certainly haven't read them all, especially the overwhelming amount that are so tortuous and angsty that they make you feel kind of like Farfello on a good day (which, as far as I can tell, is about the same as feeling like Farfello on a bad day ^_^ ). If you know nothing about the characters or the series, these fics will, I hope, shed some light on just what makes these boys tick and what makes so many of us want to tick right along with them. And if you're already a fan... well, they're just darn good -- you'll get something out of them, too. ^_~

Sword Dance by Natalie Baan @ Firecat Fanfics
NC-17 • Omi x Aya • yaoi • lemon • angst-ness • so well written that it's not even funny...
[ before Aya-chan awakes ]

Date-o, Date-o! by Kuwabara no Miko @ the Bunny Doll Anime Fandom Page
NC-17 • Aya x Yohji • yaoi • lemon • fluff-ness
[ after Aya-chan awakes ]

Dragon Tears by Talya Firedancer @ Firedancer's Universe of Chaos
NC-17 • Schuldig x Yohji • yaoi • lemon • angst-ness

Midnight Blossoms by Gal and Ana @ Blade & Claw
NC-17 • Aya x Ken • yaoi • lemon • angst
[ note: if you read the sequels to this, be prepared for torturous amounts of NCS followed by so much sap that you either want to swoon madly or hit somebody. with a very large stick ^_^ ]

Falling Forever by Miko no da@ Miko no da's Anime Corner
NC-17 • Hiro x Omi • yaoi • lime / lemon • angst • sap • crossover with 'Gravitation' (hence the Hiro....)

Letting Your Hair Down by Yuri @ the Bunny Doll Anime Fandom Page
NC-17 • Brad x Yohji • yaoi • lemon -- verging on NCS, but not quite • bit o' bondage

Passion Cried by kc-chan @ Kuwabara no miko's Weiss Kruez Yaoi Fanfiction Page
NC-17 • Yohji x Farfello • yaoi • lemon • it's Farf... of course it's odd...

Harusame 1 | 2 by Tenken @ Mayfly
PG-13 • Nagi + Omi, Omi + Nagi • shounen ai • very light lime • angst • sap

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april 2002

focus on: misc. fics

Dynasty of Ghosts by PL Nunn (45 parts -- I swear, this story is it's own book...) @ Bishounen Works
"A blood feud between warring kingdoms places a young man with the unique ability to see ghosts in a precarious position, where only he might be able to save the Prince Heir." Be sure, also, to check out her artwork for this story -- the one I choose is but one of many...
notes: adventure ~ fantasy ~ lemon ~ NCS ~ 1 couple ~ love and fluff and sap and stuff...

• Jaded Honor by Roo (who knows how long... she says '101 pages', but I don't know what constitutes a 'page'...) @ Bastmoon
notes: guardian angels ~ contemporary ~ police drama ~ lemon ~ NCS (either it's there or it's attempted. gomen -- it's been a while...) ~ 3 couples

• The Tiger Prince (ummm.... I've forgotten how many parts this has, and it doesn't say anywhere. *shrug* Suffice it to say that it's long, though not as long as Dynasty of Ghosts) by Sahari @ Court of Eternity LJ
There's no summary given. If I read it without one, so can you. ^_~ Besides, if it's good enough for me to rec, you just know it's not going to disappoint...
notes: fantasy / magic ~ lemon ~ bit o' angst ~ 3 couples ~ shape shifting (which can come in really handy... *hentai grin* you'll know what I'm talking about when you get there...) ~ too beautiful boys with blue hair ^_~

• The Willow Key by Talya Firedancer (7 parts) @ Firedancer's Universe of Chaos... and Fanfiction
"What happens when a guy who's foxy in more than one sense of the word falls for a boy who's all too familiar with sex, but has never been loved? Complicating matters are a pretty red-headed half-breed, a libidinous twin brother, and a pissed off dumbass who's a poor loser at cards. Put them all together in a really expensive brothel and let the fun (and the angst) begin! " This is a 'key' fic, which means something if you have any idea what a 'key' fic is, but can be enjoyed even if you don't have a clue. ^_^
notes: all the key fics are set in 'the palace' wherein people are kept as sex slaves (don't look at me like that....) ~ fantasy (the key fics take place in an indiscriminate time/place that at times seems contemporary and at times... doesn't) ~ bitterness ~ lemon ~ 2 couples ~ hot guys with... fur? *grin*

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kinky fic recs ahead!!
( shotacon & incest )

one man's kink is another man's squick.
are you really prepared to enter my dirty little mind? *feral grin*

I think I'll sit this one out...

*shudder* ummm... yes?

*high five* you go, girl! let me at 'em!

I've given you a warning and a choice!!
so don't dare come complaining to me about what a sicko I am!!
( as if I ever made that fact a secret!! ^_~ )
I will have no recourse but to laugh at and then blatantly ignore you!!

there's a difference between fiction and real life!!
I am perfectly aware of that fact!!
my kink is the fantasy, not the reality!!
exclamation marks are fun!!

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dacia's anime 'best of' list
(nov 2002 non-gw rec)

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