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I figured it'd be good to clue you all into my inclinations since this page is, by definition, biased. First off, I am an unabashed Duo fanatic. He is my favourite character by far and my adoration for him colours the kinds of fics I like best. My favourite pairing is 5x2/2x5, followed by 1x2/2x1, 6x2/2x6, 3x2/2x3, and 2+4/4+2 ( note the '+' ). I cannot stand 2xH, however. *shudder* I'm also not into 1x3 or 3x5. And don't even get me started on 6x1. *shudder again* Heh, heh. Who, me? Picky? =^_^= Second to Duo is Zechs, if only cuz he's so gosh darned gorgeous. *growl* It might also be handy to know that I'm a sap addict -- just can't get enough of it. *sappy sigh* Which does nothing to explain all the überangst on this list... *shrug* Ok. I spose that's it, then. On to the recs...

*dacia laughs* Mind you, I think I've broken almost every one of these self-imposed rules while searching for fics to rec...

-- Dacia ^_~ -- who knows what you don't, namely that this is basically just another excuse for her to babble incoherently and at great length... Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!! *ahem*

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